Recognizing Your Spiritual Soulmates

Spiritual Soulmates

Everyone has challenges in life, and this can be good times and bad times. We go through painful things and this can help you to understand what is going on around you. Sometimes you will be lonely and alone and this can make you feel that your life is empty or useless. You want to connect with someone but you find that your life is full of people that just come and go, leaving you disappointed. This can make you feel that you don’t believe in anything and the changes can stress you out.

What about when it is time for you to meet your spiritual soulmate? The thing is, you have to understand that there is a difference between your soulmate and having someone that you marry or a life partner. The love that you feel for your spiritual soulmate can be very different than the love that you have for your partner.

Are Spiritual Soulmates Friends or Lovers?

A soulmate does not have to be a lover and they might just be your best friend or even a mentor. We have different kinds of friends that we meet over life and we should have value for them and we should care for them and love them.

Some friendships make a bigger impact in your life than others do and when you have a strong connection, this person can even be your best friend.

Meeting Your Spiritual Soulmate

When you finally meet your spiritual soulmate it can make you feel like you only want to give your attention to them. They are someone that leaves you feeling full of life and not exhausted and tired like other people leave you. Here are some ways you can know you have met your spiritual soulmate:

Feeling Them

You can meet someone, and you just feel them. You feel like you have known them forever and you believe that they are connected to you forever. This person will be special because they will be a friend that lasts all your life.

Being Your True Self

You will want to be your true self around this person. You will not hold back who you are or try to change yourself. You will not feel tired, and they will make you feel more alive than ever. You will feel positive and start to love yourself.


This will be someone that you feel like you can be vulnerable with. You will want to share everything from your feelings to your secrets. You do need to make sure that you have boundaries but you can give each other time and make the bond between you strong.

Inside Jokes

You and this person will share jokes that no one else might understand. You will have such a strong relationship and friendship that you will always feel happy and be laughing. Even if the same joke is told over and over again, it will still always be as funny as the first time.

You Are the Same Person

We all like to have the same interests as people that we meet and friendships that form but this will be different. Everything that you find interesting, they will find it interesting too. They will care about the things that you care about and they will talk about the things that are important to you.

You will never be bored with this person because they will be so interesting in what they do and what they say and even who they are.

Morals and Values

No matter what ideas that you have, your soulmate will share them. The morals that you have will be understood by them and they will believe in your values. They will want to be part of the way that you grow and these things will be equally important to them.

Triggering You

Your soulmate will know what triggers your emotions and they will make sure to not cause you unnecessary pain. They will pay attention to what hurts you and what makes you happy and you won’t have to remind them about how you feel.

Encouraging Choices

This person will encourage you to make good choices. They will get you to do things that will help you to be healthy in your mind, body and soul. They will share affection for the things that you love and they will give their emotions to you.

Even though your choices are important, your soulmate will make sure to guide you down the right way and this might mean you don’t always love what they tell you.

Complement Each Other

Do you ever go around people and they mention how you and your soulmate fit together so well? This happens because you complement each other. You have the same ideas; you agree with the same things, and you tend to think the same.

You will tell the same kinds of jokes and you will understand people around you the same way. People will mention how alike that you are, and this will be true.

Always Curious

You will be curious to know your soulmate more and more. You will want to make sure that you never lose sight of who they are. When your soulmate talks, you will listen and you will always want to hear about what matters to them. You will keep your thoughts open so that you can always stay excited with them.

They Inspire You

Spiritual soulmates are more than just a friend. They are people that will love you, care for you and inspire you. They will talk to you about what is important to you, and they will make you feel brave. They will develop their relationship with you so that you can have a strong friendship.

They Hear You

You might wonder why people never really hear you or understand you. When you meet your spiritual soulmate, you won’t have to ask this anymore. You will understand each other and it might even seem like a language that you and your soulmate share.

They will love and care for you and they will show you that your feelings and your life matters to them. They will know what you mean even when you aren’t quite sure yourself.

Finding Your Spiritual Soulmate

Spiritual soulmates are people that you don’t meet often in your life. They will help you to know when you are on the right path and they will make your life feel like it has a lot of meaning.

There will be people that are hard to trust sometimes but your soulmate won’t be this person. You will trust them right away and the connection will be so strong that you are honest and true with each other.

Having Many Soulmates

People can have many soulmates. There are people that come into your life that will be different kinds of soulmates and they will be there to teach you life lessons and to create a place of comfort and love for you.

Most people have many different soulmates and so when you meet someone that is special to you, chances are that they will be someone that is a soulmate of some kind to you.

Do Soulmate Connections Last Forever?

Soulmate connections can last forever but they don’t always. Sometimes you and your soulmate will move away from each other after a season. They will impact you and change your life, but they don’t always last forever.

Sometimes you will get lucky and meet someone in your life that is there for the long haul and you won’t have to worry about them ever leaving you.

Toxic Soulmates

A soulmate will not be toxic to your life but sometimes when you meet them it will feel like the relationship is toxic. You need to make sure that you have boundaries and that you know that you can express yourself no matter what.

Platonic Soulmates

A platonic soulmate is just going to be a friend to you. You will not have romantic love with them, but you will have real love and care. You will love this person so strongly that it will be more love than you ever had for a friend, but not in a romantic way.

If you feel in love with this person, chances are you might be but this can mean that you aren’t with your soulmate but just in a relationship.

Romantic and Friend Soulmates

People often have friend soulmates or platonic soulmates and these are people that are great friends to you. Other people will meet a soulmate that becomes romantic for them. This can be love that comes from knowing someone for a long time or it can be someone that you have just met.

Have You Found a Love Soulmate?

You will know when you have found a soulmate that is supposed to be a romantic soulmate. You will know this because you will feel a different connection. Here are some other signs that you have found a romantic soulmate:

  • You are truthful and you don’t lie about what you want in the relationship.
  • You are curious about who they are, and you never feel like you get enough of them.
  • You get sexually aroused when you talk to them.
  • They make you feel at peace and comfortable.
  • You don’t want to look any further for someone in your life.
  • Even though they are your best friend you feel attracted to them.

Final Thoughts

There are different signs that you have met your spiritual soulmate. This can be someone that is your best friend and someone that changes your life. Finding someone that you love that is your soulmate is something totally different and this kind of soulmate comes with a risk.

You have to figure out what you want and know that if the relationship ends then it can be painful for you. No matter what, it doesn’t really matter what kind of soulmate that you meet. Find someone that makes you feel good in your life and gives you what you need.