Grounding, Protection and Cleansing

Grounding, Protection and Cleansing

It is important to make sure that your mind, body, and soul are strong. You can do this through cleansing, grounding, and protection.


One way that you can cleanse yourself is to visualize. Visualizing a white light above the crown chakra can help you to feel better. The white light can be strong and after you deep breathe, you can imagine this light falling over you like water. The white light will go form your crown chakra to the bottom of your feet. This will work through your other chakras and will flow through your legs and out of your feet as white light.

As the white light flows through you, keep breathing and let negative energies leave from you. When you are ready, imagine the light flowing through your body and going all over you till you are completely immersed in it.

Imagine the space around you opening up and imagine the sky above you. See a white light going above you to the sky and into the stars. Let this fill the whole room and every are of the whole room. This can cleanse your space.

Violet Flame Light

Imagine the light of the violet flame flowing over you. This can cleanse you and protect you when you are going to do any kind of spell work or healing. You can call on the violet flame to come and transform your cells. Let it come from the spirit world and cleanse you.

The energy of this area will be strong, and you will see that you can visualize this going from the crown chakra to every place in your body. The flow will go from your heart chakra to the tips of your fingers. You will need to do this until you feel connected, and all the negative energy is gone.

Once you cleanse yourself, you can set up your protection and your grid and you will see the chakras going back to the normal size.


Another way to cleanse your space is to smudge. Use sage and light it and let the smoke go into every area of the room, especially the corners.


Reiki can heal people and it can cleanse the area around you.

Cleansing Cards

If you are going to do a tarot card reading, you need to cleanse your cards. This happens because the cards are often touched by many different people from the manufacturing company to the packaging company and much more. The energy of the people and things that surround the cards can go into the cards.

You can use psychometry to know the energy of the cards when they get to you but the best thing that you can do is to get rid of any negative or positive energy that the cards have before you use them yourself. You will be the one that is handling the cards and you want to make sure that they are ready for you and your energy before you use them.

Cleansing the cards after you do a reading is also important. Some people will do this right away and will do it if they do two readings in one day before they start the second one. The energy of the previous reading can stay there, and you don’t want that. This can cause the next reading to be inaccurate.

You need to make sure that your own energy space is clear and that you use white light, reiki, violet flame cleansing and more to cleanse the energies.

Breathing Exercises

You can deep breathe and imagine white light going from your crown chakra to your heart chakra. Imagine the white light filling you and getting rid of any leftover energy.


Reiki healers can use the Power Symbol over the cards to cleanse them.


You can smudge the cards with smoke after you use them or before you use them for a reading.


Cross your hand over the other and put them on the deck. Put your intentions on the cards and cleanse them. Determine what you want and what you want the cleansing to do for the cards. After you do this, take your hands away.


You can ask Archangel Michael to protect you. You can ask this 3 times and you can ask him to cleanse and heal you. You can ask him to bring in light and to help you.

After you are done asking him to come to you, thank him for helping you. You can also imagine a white light or violet light surrounding you when you ask Michael to come to you.

Golden Sphere of Protection

Ask Michael to come and put a golden sphere of protection around you. Ask him to protect you from any negative energies or negative souls.

Archangel Michael Shield

Ask Michael three times to stand around you and shield you and protect you from negative energies.

Spirit-Shields and Angels of Protection

Ask the spirit-shields and light of love and Angel of Protection to come into your field.

Platinum Sphere of Protection

Ask Archangel Metatron three times to come to you and to put a sphere of protection around you. This can get rid of negative energies and lost souls. You should do this once a month when you need it.


Reiki healers can give you power, and you can activate the Power Symbols in each of the corners of the room. Keep this cleansing brief and it can be powerful for you.


You have to make sure that you are grounded. This is important when you are doing psychic work or any kind of tarot card reading. This can balance you and help you to have a connection between the earth and the universe. This can open up your psychic world and allow the energies of the spiritual world to come to you.

The crown chakra can work with this and when this is unbalanced, it will make you feel out of control, or it can make you feel dizzy. Being grounded can be effective and it can work with your Root, Crown, and other chakras to pass energy through to keep you strong.

Signs of Being Ungrounded

Here are some signs of being ungrounded:

  • Blurry vision.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Overly tired.
  • Spaced out.
  • Dizzy.
  • Headaches.
  • Unable to focus.
  • Depressed.
  • Out of touch with reality.
  • Nausea.


One way that you can ground yourself is through visualization. This can help you when you do psychic work. You should do this when you area doing any kind of reading or work and when you feel that you are losing your connection with the world around you. A tarot card reading should know the signs of being ungrounded so that they don’t lose mental clarity.

Imagine roots and a white light going into your feet. See them go from your body onto the floor and into the earth. Let them get thicker and deeper and when they go as deep as they can, imagine them pulling you to the earth. Feel yourself sinking deep into the earth and imagine green light flowing through you and put your legs, to your hands and throughout your body.

Other Ways to Be Grounded

Here are some other grounding methods:

  • Kneel or lay on the ground and put your palms flat on the ground. Imagine energy leaving the earth and going into your hands. Feel a pull and let the energy be released.
  • Imagine a cord of energy passing from your crown chakra to your spine and from your root chakra to the earth.
  • Stomp your feet up and down and shake your hands up and down.
  • Put cold water on your hands for a few minutes.
  • Walk in nature and go into the garden.
  • Put red or black crystals in your hands or in your pockets. Hold the crystals in your hand and ground your energy.
  • Eat vegetables and meat.
  • Avoid alcohol.

These things might seem hard at first, but you will see that the methods can help you to be grounded and to feel better. This process can take a few minutes, or it can take more time but take as long as you need so that you can be protected, grounded, and cleansed.