How to Astral Project with Dignity

Astral Dream

Astral projection isn’t something that is new, and it is something that people have found exciting for years and years. If you know how to astral project, then you know how to do it safely. Anyone can choose to learn how to astral project and can do it safely and professionally.

How to Astral Project

Many people find astral projection a way of increasing their spiritual journey and going through their enlightenement. It is important to know how to do this safely so that you are okay when you are experiencing this phenomenon. Here is how:

Positive Affirmations

The first thing to do is to make sure that you set the intentions that you have. You can say positive affirmations to get started such as:

  • I will be safe when I astral project.
  • I will know myself more after I return.

Going Into Hypnosis

The best way to do this is to find a place that you can lay down comfortable and not be distracted. Start by taking deep breaths so that you can get out any stress that you have. Don’t think about how to make this happen, just make it happen.

Make sure that you are in a dark room and that you put on some soft music to get you in a sleepy like state. This can help you to get into that state without being too awake or alert.

Know the Feelings

After you get into a hypnotic state, try to move your body. When your body starts moving in your mind, notice what you are feeling. Some people feel numb while others feel heavy or hear noises.

Other people will see light, and some will feel their vibrations getting stronger. This is the soul moving into another realm.

Leaving the Body

After you are in control of what you are feeling, imagine that your soul is going where you want it to and practice. Try to make your body move to different parts of the room. You can try to raise yourself up or move your arms or your legs.

In this stage, you should feel that your body and soul are separated.

Look for a Silver Cord

You need to look for a silver cord that connects your body to your soul. You need to keep this there so that you don’t get lost in the spiritual realm. Never break or cut this cord but pay attention to it being there.

Take a Walk Around

Now that you are in a different realm, take a walk around. Explore what is around you and notice anything that is strange or different. Try to pay attention to every detail of the place that you are in.

Go Back to Your Body

Once you are finished and you are ready to go back, let the silver cord pull you back to your body in a safe way. Try this over and over again so that you can get used to re-entering your body. Once you are there, move your hands and your feet and get up.

Things to Do While Astral Projecting

Here are some things you can try while you are astral projecting:

  • Having sex: Try this with your significant other or your partner.
  • Healing: You can use astral projection to heal your body or to heal someone else. Focus on the positive and healing energy.
  • Akashic records: Many people can go into astral projection and access their akashic records. These are the records of your past. Ask questions and get answers.
  • Going to space: You can try to go different places such as space or somewhere else you would like to explore.

What to Know About Astral Projection and Safety

Here are some things you should know before you start:

  • There are evil spirits and dark spirits that go in every realm. Keep yourself protected by putting a shield around yourself.
  • If you have troubles breathing, know this is normal. Your soul is trying to separate itself and the body isn’t used to this until you practice.
  • Unable to return is a problem some face but you can return as long as you focus on your silver cord.
  • Some believe that if the body is disconnected from the soul that you will have physical death. Make sure that you are in a safe place before you begin this. This is not likely to happen.

Tips on Astral Projecting

Here are some tips to help you astral project:

  • Prepare yourself by finding a comfortable place and being alone. Make sure that you are in a room that is comfortable and that you can relax in.
  • If you can’t do it the first time, keep trying. Don’t give up.
  • Crystals can help you to be able to be calm and to go deeper. Hold one in your hand when you start.

Why Is Astral Projection Good?

You can use astral projection to help you to grow in your spiritual being. You can get information on your journey, and it can help you with your life and the things you want to become.

Astral projection and sleep paralysis are similar, and it can be an exciting thing if you don’t let it get you scared or worried.

What If I Cannot Astral Project?

Here are some tips to try if you aren’t able to astral project:

  • Find calming music to listen to.
  • Use a mental dot that moves up and down and you can concentrate on it.
  • Try to imagine a rope pulling your spirit out.
  • Be patient and practice as much as you can.

Final Thoughts

Astral projection can be very exciting, and you need to give it a try if it is interesting to you. Make sure that you follow the steps so that you can be safe. If you want to talk to a psychic about this, let them help you to know just what to do.