Using Astrology to Make Big Decisions


Are you over the age of 40 and do you feel like your life is changing dramatically? Do you feel like you are going through your midlife crisis? I bet you didn’t know that astrological events can influence how you feel at this age. You will go through different life changes from the age of 29, 50, 51 and then between the ages of 58-60 that will also affect you based on your birth chart and the planets.

Astrology can help you to understand the feelings that you are experiencing and can help you to have positive changes in your life. You can learn to work through these things and get your life in order without feeling trapped. You will need to let things go that no longer bring you peace and joy and astrology can help you get started.

Finding Your Dreams

As you go through your life, you will see that at the age of 28-30, you will go through what astrology called the “Saturn Return.” This is when your life becomes structured, and you will experience what the universe has for you at this time.

Unless you have reached your dreams, you will find that you have different values, and it might even feel that people and things around you have caused you to feel pressure. You see that there are things that you cannot control, and you have to face the world head on. Saturn can help you to get to this point, even if you aren’t sure if you are ready or not.

Maybe you are trying to go into the medical field instead of being an artist because this is something that your family has had in mind for you from the beginning. You chose to not follow what you wanted to do and you now you wish you had. Instead of staying where you are, you change your path, and this is a time that Saturn is there to help you. Saturn will help you to figure out what fits in your life and to start new beginnings.

Make sure that you are learning to let go of things that don’t benefit you and that you are ready to reach your life between the ages of 58-60 because this will be when Saturn returns for the second time.

Purpose of Life

When you go through your midlife crisis, it can be a time that Saturn Return’s becomes hard. This will be a time when the planets are moving slowly, and it can cause you to feel that life is changing and is hard.

People that go through this will often be in a place where they are at their peak in their career, and they might even want to go and explore the world on their own. Some will get a divorce and go and find a new partner while others will ignore their desires and just keep working like society expects them to do.

You will probably be seeking freedom at this time, and you will not want to live your life to please everyone else but yourself. You will find out what your true purpose is and what makes you want to be a better person. You will look at your dreams and figure out what your inner self is telling you. The more that you understand what you want and what you desire, the more you will be able to make changes.

Spiritual Changes

Chiron is a wounded healer that will come to you when you are between the ages of 50-51. This will mean that you are vulnerable and that you need someone to come and heal you and help you to move forward.

Saturn Return is more about the physical changes that you experience in the world but during your midlife crisis, Chiron comes to help you with the internal changes that you will go through. This change will be complete for you around the age of 50 and the changes that excite you will start to calm down.

Finding Who You Are

As you go through your changes, you will need to figure out what you want and who you are. You will be able to look at your inner self and create a life that is precious to what you desire. You can reach deep into your soul and find out what your goals, desires and dreams are and then you can reach them.

Prepare for the hard times that will come into your life and don’t give up. Everyone experiences the same kinds of changes as they live their life to the fullest.