How To Spot A Liar

How To Spot A Liar

Lying is a uniquely human trait. We have the ability to assess a situation and, based on our feelings on the matter, to lie about it. We lie about things that don’t matter as well as about things that do. We lie to protect ourselves, and we lie to make ourselves seem better to others.

Spotting a liar can be a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. Some people are very good at lying, while others have the truth written in their body language. Spotting lies that strangers tell us is harder than detecting a lie from a person we know very well.

Here are a few ways you can spot if someone is lying to you:

    1. Body language is a major indicator of whether someone is telling the truth or not. People who are lying can seem fidgety, not want to make eye contact, hesitate to answer questions, and have changes in their tone of voice and facial expressions.
    2. Using your intuition can be the most effective way to detect a lie. Your body intuitively knows when something is up, with how someone is behaving or what they were saying. We might not be able to spot exactly what it is that bothers us about a conversation or a situation, but this is our bodies picking up on subtle clues from another person. Intuition is the first step in determining if someone is lying or not.
    3. Get confirmation. Ask your spiritual guides for a sign or a message that clarifies your situation. Be specific in what you are asking for, both with your question and the sign you are looking for.

Telepathy is one way to determine if someone is lying or not. You can connect your mind with theirs to see what their true intentions are. You can practice your own telepathic skills with a friend or get the assistance of a psychic to help you.

  • Confront the person. Small lies can be harmless, but habitual lying isn’t ok. Whether you are dealing with your family, a friend, or a significant other, you deserve to know the truth about a person and a situation. Ask that person about their lie, whether they meant it or not, and clarify the situation.

Lying is an unfortunate side effect of being human. We have to deal with lies in our life as well as in the lives of others. Some lies are big, while others are small and harmless. However, lies shouldn’t be how we get through life.