Protect Yourself from Negative Energy

Protect Yourself from Negative Energy

Negativity can affect us in more ways than we realize. Negativity can come from ourselves and from outside sources, and we can’t always influence whose negative energy is around us. Studies have shown that it takes more positive affirmations and events to stick in our brains, whereas one negative interaction can be on our minds for weeks or years. The negativity around us can drag us down, but there are ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from negative energy around you.

Negative energy can come from people and situations. Negativity can be traced to the motivations of other people around us as they try to influence us, too.

Here are a few was to protect yourself against negativity in your life from a variety of places:

  1. Everyone needs to vent every now and then, but some people don’t seem to know when to stop and appreciate life for its good as well as its bad. Complainers are best protected against by remaining positive and serene in your own life and turning up the music if you’re in your office or another space. Rhythm calms people down and provides an upbeat way to dissipate negativity.
  2. Fear has a lot of negativity associated with it. We can’t always help what we are afraid of, but we can work to fix our reaction to fear. Some fears are valid, while others are just in our heads. Fear’s negativity can be swept aside by recognizing fears that are unfounded. You can even carry a quartz crystal for protection as well.
  3. Being undermined. People who undermine us personally or professionally can be very negative influences in our lives. Light a candle to take away the negativity of these people, or give them a candle as a gift to help light up their undermining ways.
  4. When you succeed at something, you want to have people around you who will celebrate with you. You want to be happy and joyful when things go right. Some individuals are destined to take the joy away from others. They will undermine your joy and take away your sense of accomplishment whenever possible. To protect against these kinds of people, practice the fine art of interruption and distraction. Take the attention away from their joy-sucking ways by steering the conversation in a different direction.
  5. The victim. Some people are always the victim, constantly blaming other people for their problems. These people are never responsible for their own actions, but they are always on the receiving end of negativity. The best way to protect against this kind of person is to let their attitude slip off of you, like water off of a duck’s back. Put a small amount of oil behind your ears to cause the negativity to slip away from you.
  6. Guilt trippers. We all know the type- the person who can’t let anyone get away with anything without a heavy dose of guilt along with it. These people think that their way is the only way. Guilt trippers are best protected against with simple gold rings, which symbolize the three things they dislike the most- luxury, simplicity, and self-creation. Guilt trippers resist anyone else’s ability to practice their personal freedom, but when confronted with a gold ring they will take their negative energy somewhere else.

Negative energy is all around us, but there are ways that we can protect ourselves against this influence. You have the control over your life to minimize how much negative energy comes into your life because of other people.