Dealing with a Haunted House

Dealing with a Haunted House

I am not afraid of no ghost! Goes the popular movie quote. Fortunately, not many of us have to deal with too many haunted settings in our life, unless we’re dragged to a haunted house around Halloween or pranked by a friend into going into another spooky setting. For some people, though, spirits are alive and well in the very walls around them. Whether you know the spirit or not, any unexplained events in your home can cause you anxiety, fear, and no uncertain amount of sleep loss.

There are a few ways you can know if your house is haunted:

You might hear voices, find misplaced objects, hear slamming doors, have flickering lights, or other unexplained noises or occurrences. Some people sense a presence, see something out of the corner of their eye, or have another intuitive feeling that something in your house isn’t quite right.

Before attributing every little bump in the night to something supernatural, there are things you can do to determine whether or not your house is haunted or not. Sometimes older houses and even new buildings creak, groan, and move. A tree outside might cast a shadow through a window that you rarely open, or a new set of curtains could spread light in a different way. You might hear voices coming from a neighbor’s television or radio, or a gust of wind could slam an open cupboard door shut when you least expect it.

If you think your house might be haunted by a spirit, consider keeping a diary of the events that happen in your house. You might see a pattern, or realize that the events can be easily explained away.

Animals and kids are often very intuitive when it comes to paranormal activity. Kids can heighten the supernatural activity, and animals might bark, become alert, or seem to spot things that are not visible to your eyes. Pay attention to their behavior.

One way to dissipate negative supernatural energy is to create light, positivity, and peace in your home. Create an environment that you and your family feel at ease in. This balances the energy in your home and can help create a stable, calm environment.

If you regularly sense a presence in your house, consider investing in an EMF meter. These small devices are used to track electromagnetic fields that are attributed to paranormal activity. You might find that the meter is more active in certain areas of your house than in others.

The history of your location can also be a conduit for paranormal activity. If someone died in your house or in your area, their spirit could still be lingering for a variety of reasons. Knowing what has happened in the past in your house can help you understand why the spirit might still be there and what their story was.

There are no sure-fire ways to determine if your house is haunted or not. However, you can use your own intuition and knowledge of your home to see if the activity that is happening paranormal or normal. There are many ways you can cleanse your home, or learn to live happily with the spirits that reside there.