Talking to the Dead and How to Connect Effectively

Talking to the Dead

If you’ve lost a loved one, you might be feeling lost, confused, and sad. You have to deal with feelings of grief, of anger, and of sadness over their passing. Over time these feelings fade but there is still the memory of them that will stay with you forever.

Attaining closure can be incredibly challenging, especially if the person you lost was taken from you with little or no warning. You might wonder if it is possible to communicate with the dead in order to hear from them one last time.

There have been ways of communicating with the deceased and this has been practiced in different cultures around the world for thousands of years. In the present day, psychics, mediums, and paranormal investigators can connect to the energy of the dead to relay messages to those still among the living.

Some paranormal investigators use flashlights, knocks, electronic voice phenomena recorders, electronic magnetic pulse meters, and other technological devices to talk to the deceased. Electronics can boost the power of the spirit and pick up signals that we cannot hear or see with our human selves.

If you are looking to connect with the spirit of someone you love, your atmosphere and your attitude are very important in making that connection happen. If you are looking to connect with a spirit that is close to you, you can certainly do so. Before you enter your space, be prepared. Be open to the messages and feelings you might experience. Above all, be sure that you are clear and safe in the area where you want to connect with the spirit. Spend some time there to center yourself and make yourself comfortable in that space.

A flashlight can be used to talk to the deceased spirit. Turn on the flashlight and unscrew it so that the light just turns off. Put the light on a flat surface where it won’t roll and where you can access the on/off button. Sit a few feet away from the flashlight and clearly tell the spirit how to turn the light on and off. You can use an easy way of signaling, such as one flash for the answer ‘yes,’ and two flashes to indicate ‘no.’

Once you have explained your instructions, ask your questions. The same thing can be done, but with knocks. If you want your spirit to say yes, instruct them to knock once. Two knocks can indicate a ‘no’ response.

If you use an EMP or EVP, you might be able to pick up on audio signals that the spirit is sending you. An EVP should be placed in the space, and you should be a few feet away from it. Ask your questions out loud and realize that your recording device might be picking up audio signals that you can’t hear yourself. Check your recording in a different space, and do not check the recording alone.

Electronic pulse meters are useful in the same way a flashlight or knocks are used. You can use this device to communicate with a spirit using yes or no questions to light up the EMP.

If you are looking to connect with the spirit of a deceased loved one, there are ways to do this safely and effectively. Consider these methods and be ready and open for the answers that you might find.