How to Use Your Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Everyone knows and understands their five senses which help people to be able to live their best lives and even to survive but there are other senses that are beyond the physical world, and these are called a sixth sense.

The sixth senses are often not even known but intuition is one of these senses. This is psychic gifts that you were given. The sixth sense helps you to be able to see past what your conscious thinking gives you and helps you to see things that aren’t seen with the human eye and into the spiritual world.

Each person has this sixth sense but not everyone knows about it or pays attention to it. But, if you are someone that does and you want your sixth sense to be stronger, here’s how!

Stay Grounded and Balanced

Reaching deep into yourself and having your sixth sense to be strong is about being grounded and balanced. You don’t want one of your senses to take over everything or this can make things to be harder to understand.

Know what your sixth sense gift is and then use your mind to tune into it but also tune into the energies that surround you. Once you see past your taste, feeling, hearing, smelling, and touching, you can go deeper past this into the sixth sense.

One way to stay grounded and balanced is to first figure out what your body needs and what your body is feeling. Don’t try to ignore the little things that your body needs but take action and focus on them. Pay attention to your feelings and see the energies that are around you.

Love Your Environment

Instead of just being somewhere, you have to learn to love your environment. Let the world around you guide you and give you the power that you need to reach deep into your sixth senses.

Animals are good at adapting and loving their environment and they are very sensitive to the spiritual world. Most animals are even able to feel things like natural disasters before they come.

The sixth sense that you have allows you to see what you is around and to communicate with your spirit. Listen to the energies that are in the room around you and how they make you feel. Do people make you feel differently when they come around you?

This is how you tune into the world around you, and you will start to see things you didn’t see before. Then, tune into nature. Nature is something that can help to ground you and bring healing to your mind, body, and soul.

Go outside and look at how beautiful things are and how much joy they bring you. Breathe the air and listen to the sounds of nature as you pick up the energy that this carries. Nature will inspire you to be more aware and to be open to the world around you.


You might get messages through your dreams because this is one way that your sixth sense can communicate with you when you are open and listening. The messages that your dreams give you can give your ideas about what you should do in your life.

Let yourself have this wisdom and when you dream, write down every detail that you can remember. Keep the journal right by your bed so that if you wake up in the middle of a dream you can write about it.

Go back and read this and see if there are any recurring patterns that your dreams are trying to tell you or show you.

Trust Your Intuition

Intuition is one of the biggest gifts that people have. The more you use it and trust it, the stronger you will have it. Intuition is strong and is a sixth sense that is like a muscle that you can develop. If you trust it and you use it, it will get stronger.

Become more confident in yourself as you use your intuition to make decisions in your life. Use it to pick what food you will eat for lunch or what road you should take when you are going joy riding. You can use this for each and every decision that you make.

After you build your confidence, you will see that your intuition will talk to you and guide you more and you will be able to make decisions that are lifechanging for you.


  1. The article provides a fascinating exploration of the concept of a ‘sixth sense’ and its relevance to everyday life. The emphasis on intuition as a crucial part of this sixth sense resonates deeply with various psychological and spiritual traditions. The advice to stay grounded and balanced is particularly noteworthy; it aligns with scientific findings on mindfulness and its importance in maintaining mental health. Incorporating nature into one’s daily routine as a means to enhance this sense is a commendable suggestion supported by numerous studies on the benefits of nature on cognitive function and emotional well-being. The mention of animals and their sensitivity is also interesting and raises questions about the evolutionary aspects of sensory perception.

  2. The concept of a sixth sense is intriguing. The idea of tuning into intuition and the spiritual world could offer a new dimension to our understanding of human perception. However, it would be interesting to see scientific exploration and validation of these claims.

  3. Trusting and developing one’s intuition as described here aligns with some cognitive theories about decision-making processes. The analogy of intuition as a muscle that can be strengthened is a useful metaphor. It would be valuable to see empirical studies supporting these practices.

  4. The role of dreams as a medium for sixth sense communication is particularly interesting. Dreams have long been considered a gateway to the subconscious, and this article suggests they can provide actionable wisdom. This warrants further exploration, perhaps through the lens of psychology.

  5. The connection between nature and enhancing one’s sixth sense is a fascinating proposal. It’s plausible that engaging more deeply with our surroundings could heighten our intuitive abilities. Further research on the physiological and psychological impacts of such practices would be enlightening.

  6. While the article provides an intriguing perspective on the ‘sixth sense,’ I find its assertions somewhat problematic. The notion that we all possess an inherent, untapped psychic ability assumes a universality that lacks empirical evidence. Intuition, often described as a ‘gut feeling,’ can indeed be powerful, but attributing it to a mystical sixth sense rather than subconscious cognitive processing seems like a leap. Moreover, suggesting that dreams can offer prescient insights requires a level of credulity that borders on superstition. In a rational and scientifically-driven society, it’s essential to differentiate between cognitive phenomena and unverified metaphysical claims.

  7. This article is profoundly insightful! It elucidates the often-misunderstood concept of the sixth sense with great clarity. The emphasis on staying grounded and balanced resonates deeply, as it aligns with both philosophical and psychological principles. The guidance on harnessing this intuitive gift is practical and thought-provoking. Truly, a compelling read for anyone interested in augmenting their sensory awareness beyond the tangible.

  8. This article provides an insightful perspective on the sixth sense. The emphasis on grounding, loving your environment, and trusting your intuition seems like practical advice. It would be beneficial to explore how these strategies can be integrated into daily life.

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