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How Your Aura Affects Those Around You

How Your Aura Affects Those Around You

If you have ever seen a halo then you know that the Aura is the halo that surrounds a persons body.  This is energy that comes form our bodies and we might not be able to see it but it does exist.

Inner Self

The Aura is the extension of your inner self and it goes out about three feet from your body.  When you are going through traumatic things then it can go up to 20 feet from your body.  When this happens, it entwines with people that are around us.  This can be harmful to both people if the energy is too much.


Emotions can make us vulnerable and when you have an auric field that passes through someone, it can cause you to have to share your energy with them.  This can mess up your goodness and cause their emotions to rub off on you and cause you to not connect with others.


Everything such as plants, trees, animals and people have energy.  The aura is the energy that shows the real you even when you try to hide.  This can happen with your emotions and can cause you to feel the vibes from other people or they can feel your vibes.  If someone is empathetic, they can feel your energy and absorb it even if it is ugly.  Empath will know the difference between the auras and get rid of the negative.


Our auras are challenged by fear and it is an ego that is reflected daily in us.  We lose out on many good things because we are afraid and it limits us from expanding the right path.  Fear reflects our aura colors and can fluctuate internally.

Fear makes us have nightmares because of our reflection and the aura is the aspect of it all.

Hiding the Aura

People can try to hide their emotions by smiling or being fake but the aura will give them away.  This won’t be a big deal for people that have a lot of energy because they will know and understand what you are going through.  They will make you have nowhere to run and hide.

Meditating and self-reflection can open all of your doors and help you learn how to protect your aura.