Discover Your Soul’s Purpose in 5 Easy Steps

Discover Your Soul’s Purpose in 5 Easy Steps

Have you been feeling listless or unfulfilled?  Now is the time to tap into your inner essence.  Ask profound questions and be receptive to any messages back to you.  You then have the choice on how to process those insights into steps needed to make improvements to your life.  One’s inner voice is a divine gift to help inspire one to live a more loving and satisfying existence.

Hinduism teaches the power of Atman, which is the eternal component of physical life.  It speaks to one’s sense of self and how to tap into celestial wisdom to comprehend how the soul processes the daily experience of life on Earth.  This is different from the inner dialogue the mind has with the body.  Our soul speaks at a higher vibration that is often difficult for us to hear, let alone comprehend.  By learning the following five steps you can begin to dialogue with your spirit to help you discover and realize your full divine potential!

Step #1 – It’s All About the Energy Baby!

Your soul, much like the universe, communicates by energy.  This energy emanates from the Divine as love is the highest vibration possible.  You can recognize if your soul is speaking to you if your inner voice is meeting you with positivity and hope.  Begin to notice what sparks joy your daily activities, even in your darkest moments there will always be at least one thing.  Nurture these gems.  Notice how you begin to feel more present in your day and how your ability to smile increases.  In time, you will increase your awareness of other similar facets, and your overall sense of joy and purpose will be magnified.  Where energy goes, energy flows.

Step #2 – Get Rid of the Clutter and Take Out the Trash!

As you cultivate more joy in your life, you won’t have the space for anything that drains or confuses you.  This is the time you must cut ties with toxic and unhelpful people, thoughts or actions that deter you from your soul’s purpose.  If you feel drained by something, this is a sign you need to lessen its involvement in your life.  Ultimately, you may feel inclined to release these negative aspects.  Although this may be difficult its crucial for allowing you to embrace the next phases of your journey.

Step #3 – Signs and Patterns Matter

The universe frequently sends us clues.  When we fail to notice them, we may be missing out on vital growth for our soul.  A stranger that instantly becomes our dear friend, randomly noticing an ad on the way to work, an event that echoes last night’s dream – all these occurrences are signs gifted by the universe.  Each have important lessons and may be critical next steps or helpers on one’s path.  Energy is cyclical.  By honoring these gifts, one signals the universe they are paying attention and willing to be in better alignment with their soul’s purpose.  More guidance will then be sent and a person will feel more connected to the universal community.

Step #4 – There are no “Accidents”

What people perceive as an “accident” is actual the universe trying to wake them up to their potential.  If you have been feeling stuck recently, this jolt to your daily pattern could be exactly what you needed.  Even trying stressful events, like death, illness or money setbacks force reprioritizing one’s life and creates more helpful habits.  If you are currently in the midst of turmoil in your life, this is a time to tune into your inner wisdom and implement its messages.

Clue #5 – Questions Lead to Answers!

If you are noticing sensations within yourself begin an inner dialogue.  This will be most noticeable during times of fear or anxiety.  Try to understand the root of the sensation and why it is happening in that exact moment.  Most of your doubt arise from your mind based on previous experiences in this live or a past life.  Be brave enough to ask the why, how and where of the formation of this feeling.  You can better understand your soul’s journey through the age and what corrections you must make during this lifetime.  When you begin to comprehend alterations you need to make, you can better process your soul’s purpose.  By honing your curiosity of your spiritual existence, you become receptive to new adventures and opportunity otherwise missed.