Improving Psychic Abilities

Improving Psychic Abilities

Most of us have been taught to ignore intuition so psychic potential goes to waste. The truth is that we all have psychic abilities, though some have more than others. These skills can be grown, developed, and perfected over time. Clairvoyants, as an example, can use meditation and peace to maintain strong abilities. However, certain steps are needed to find and maintain psychic abilities. The steps shared below will help improve and find psychic abilities over time.

Believe in Yourself

Negative thoughts are a huge hurdle in maintaining or discovering psychic abilities. Even though it may take some time, have faith and stay upbeat to meet your goals. Whatever inspires you, find it. This may start with reading about others who have honed their psychic abilities so that you can learn. Allow skepticism to be released and trust in your natural power as well as the supernatural. Always give 100% so doubt does not cloud your ventures into spirituality.


Learning to relax your mind and body is important. Most people breathe slowly as they meditate and concentrate on nothingness. This can clear the mind, but meditation also changes brain wave patterns, decreases metabolic rates, and relieves body tension. In fact, some have used it to improve heart health and cure hypertension. Meditation further temporarily alters the prefrontal cortex which allows for increased energy and brain function. This is what is needed to get in touch with your spiritual side. So, release your stress and just breathe.

Resolve Differences

If you are not at peace with yourself and others then you cannot be attuned to mystic gifts. Find quick resolution in your life and stop fighting with others. This may mean learning to argue constructively to work toward a final solution because hurting others in anger makes problems worse. In fact, meditation is very difficult when personal problems are weighing on you.

Do Not Misuse Gifts

Your gifts are meant to help others, but you have to make sure to use them for good. People who selfishly use their gifts, tend to end up losing them. This type of power is not given to make bets or scare people so consider how each gift is used.

Overcome Fear

It can be scary to have psychic contact or be involved with other supernatural phenomena, but fear hinders abilities. If you desire to get in touch with your spiritual side, you must be unafraid of the consequences. You may experience insight when you least expect it, but that is part of the experience. Just keep in mind all the good that can be done.

Positive Attitude

Whatever is needed to feel content, do it. This may mean taking personal time or finding a new hobby, whatever keeps a smile on your face. Stress and negativity can get in the way when trying to completely relax, which is what is needed to turn on your focus to the supernatural. You must feel spiritually free so you can move into a deeper state of consciousness.

Find Historic Objects

As a way to improve psychometry skills, find objects that hold some type of history and touch or hold them until you get strong feelings. Truly try to connect with the past of the object. Take as much time as needed. Don’t force the visions, but let what you can feel about the past or the owners flow through you. If you get frustrated, relax and try again later. Not every item has a story, but some will tell you lots.

Expand Imagination

In order to best hone your remote viewing abilities, or visit places mentally without actually physically being there, start practicing your imagination. Think about each place you are going to visit the next day. This can be a friend’s house or a store and imagine you are at the location right before falling asleep. As you imagine, take note of the objects, colors, and people in your dream. When you actually visit the place, notice which ones match your dream. Write down everything to keep a record and them fresh.

Strengthen Telepathy

When trying to build telepathy skills, try to read the thoughts of others. Practice this by guessing what others are thinking and ask if you are accurate. Try having someone draw something you can’t see and guess what they are drawing or select random cards and guess what they are without clues. Do these exercises daily because it may take years, but it does get easier.


If you are trying, but have found little success, go back and make sure you have tried all on this list. Practice often, but stay relaxed when doing so. It will take some work to hone and perfect your skills, but it will be worth it. Trust that they will surface at some point. Finally, and most of all, remember that abilities are given to those who deserve them, but can also be taken away. Always use them for good.