Increase Your Intuition by Using a Pendulum

Increase Your Intuition by Using a Pendulum

When you need to grow or to have some kind of healing in your spiritual man, a pendulum can help you. You can use a crystal or some other kind of object at the end of a string or a chain. You can dangle this thing form your fingers and it will begin to move. Even when you hold the string still, once it picks up on the energy, the pendulum will move in a forward or back, side to side or even circular motion. The pendulum will be able to use your energy source to give you answers and guidance that is needed.

Where Did the Pendulum Come From?

Pendulums have been around for years, and years and they have been there as a tool of divination. Pendulums can bring influence and can help your intuition to grow. When you have energy and you tune into it, the pendulum can pick up on this energy. As the pendulum swings, you can find out what the pendulum is trying to tell you.

Even in Ancient Egyptian and Roman times, pendulums were noted. It was recorded in as early as the 17th century. Most of the time in the past, pendulums were used by witches, scientists, or mathematicians.

Using a Pendulum

There is energy all around you and when you have energy and you ask a question, the energy wants to answer that.  If you are using a pendulum to read your energy, then the pendulum will move even when you are holding the string or chain still. As it moves, it will give you information that you need.

Always rest your elbow and hand on a table so that you are sure that you aren’t moving the pendulum and it is moving based on the energies.

Why Use a Pendulum?

Pendulums can be used for a variety of reasons such as helping you make fast decisions, giving you information, understanding what is happening in your life, if you are being manipulated or for a wide variety of other reasons.

This is a great tool to use if you are trying to increase your intuition and it can be used for these things:

  • Cleansing your energies.
  • Getting rid of negativity out of your area.
  • Finding lost people, objects, or animals.
  • Knowing if water is close by.

Picking the Right Pendulum

You can’t go wrong when you choose a pendulum, and you should always just listen to your intuition. If you feel drawn to a certain pendulum, then that is the one that is already connected to your energy. When you go into a shop to buy one, don’t get overwhelmed by the choices. Hold the crystals, look at them and see which ones attract you. You will know this, and it is the same as a pendulum.

Find the one that chooses you. Pick the one that works the best for what you need such as an amethyst, clear quartz or more.

Making Your Own Pendulum

You can create your own pendulum. All you have to do is to make sure that your energy is clear and that you are trying to reach your higher self when making a pendulum.

Start with a piece of chain or string and put a paperclip or a washer at the bottom of it. This will give it weight. That is what a pendulum is. Instead of using a washer or a paperclip though, you can choose to buy a charm, some wood, beads or even crystals to hang from your string or chain. This will depend on what kind of energy you want your pendulum to have.

How to Use a Pendulum

You need to start by connecting with your pendulum. You can do this first by cleansing it. This can be done in the sunlight or even in the moonlight. Some crystals can be cleansed in water. Read about your crystal to make sure you are cleansing it correctly.

Set your intentions before you even get started. If you want it to give you a yes or no answer, make sure that you tell the pendulum what you want. Start by asking it to show you what yes movements look like and then no movements. You can ask any questions that you want. Sometimes you might want to leave a space for a maybe or for send more information. This is up to you.

Once you are ready to use your pendulum start by asking a yes or no question that you know the answer to. Such as, “Is my name Barb?”  The pendulum will move in the direction, and you will know if the answer is yes or no and which direction that means. Ask questions that you know are yes and then questions that you know are no so that you can understand how the pendulum moves. This will give you trust towards your tool.

Using the Pendulum Each Day

There are many tools that people use and if you are trying to interact with your pendulum then it is best to use the tool each day for answers. You can find out what our pendulum wants to tell you and you can use it each day to be more confident in how it works.

Once you have confidence in your tool, you can ask it more open-ended questions. Having your pendulum in your hand and getting used to it is important. Always start slow and keep practicing. Don’t give up if you don’t know what the pendulum is trying to tell you right away. Just remember that practice makes perfect, and you have to learn to trust yourself and your tool.

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing means that you are using the pendulum to tune into your psychic gifts. You need to listen to what your intuition is telling you and use it as a way to find things. This can be like having a GPS built inside of you. Some people will do this to learn about things while others have been doing it for years and years.

Yes or No Questions

You need to ask a question to your pendulum and find out what the response is. You can ask about your job, relationships, finances or even your health. Ask the yes or no questions and get information to get the answers you need.

Pendulum Board

A pendulum board is a board that has answers written on it. It has yes, no, and unclear written in different spots. You can make your own board or buy one. This makes getting the answers you need easier.

How to Use the Pendulum Board

Once you understand the pendulum then you can try to use a pendulum board. This can be bought, or you can make one. Hold the pendulum in one area such as the center and rest your hand or elbow on a hard surface. Ask questions like, “Is it cold outside today,” and get the answer because you know if it is or isn’t. Once you know the movements of the pendulum then you can ask deeper questions.

Why Choose a Pendulum?

A pendulum can be a way that you can get fast answers. You can use this to increase your intuition because once you trust yourself and your pendulum then it can pick up on these energies to give you answers. When you want to reach your higher self, use a pendulum to help you. This can be a great tool if you are seeking some kind of spiritual guidance.