Are You an Empath or Just Have Empathy?


There is a difference between being empathetic and being an empath. Being empathetic means, you are able to have compassion on people based on situations they are going through. An empath is someone that has empathy for others, but this is on a different level. These people feel the actual feelings and emotions that others have. An empath needs to make sure to stay grounded and strong to use their gifts.

Empath Personalities

Here are some signs you might be an empath:

  • You have always had a hard time fitting in.
  • You give more to others than you get.
  • You get overwhelmed by people.
  • You are very sensitive to smells and sounds.
  • Intuition is important to you.
  • It is hard to have good boundaries.
  • Stress and anxiety overtake your life.
  • You avoid conflicts.
  • You have a hard time with your body.
  • People are drawn to you for help.
  • You cannot stop caring for someone.
  • The world looks different to you.
  • You feel overloaded.
  • You have a hard time relaxing, but you can do it in nature and with animals.

Increasing Your Empath Gifts

It can be hard for you to know what you want in your life. When you were younger, you might have struggled to fit in. You learned how to survive, and you made ways to hide from things that upset you.

It can be hard for you to figure out the energies that come to you and if you are someone that has strong energy, you might want to always deal with them later. You may even feel stressed when you realize certain situations come up. You can grow as you learn to embrace your energies.


You need to take a time to figure out who you are. As you grow and you discover your life, you will see what your gifts are. You never should hide or run from negativity, but you need to learn to help it become something positive. This can happen in your own way.

Some people get intimidated with this gift because they don’t want to grow, and they don’t want to have to face hard things. Even though they have a strong inner man, facing their spiritual awakening is scary. They will be empathic to others, but they don’t want to go further.

Take Action

You can become stronger when you learn to be confident in who you are. You can find joy and see that you can make a difference in the lives of others. Be thankful for the gifts that you have even if it means you, are an empath.

Being aware of the feelings around you means that you are accepting of them. You will pick up the energies of others and when this happens you will see that it can change you.

One thing that you need to do as an empath is to embrace it. Know that you are picking up the energy of others and see how you can make things better. Don’t hold on to fear or low-self esteem and learn to accept yourself for who you are. Increase your inner power and change yourself at a deep level.

Focus on how hard an empath has it sometimes and know that this can be a dark time that is thick and negative, but that light can help you to be more positive. Everyone can benefit form your gift, including yourself. When you come into toxic energy, you need to learn to raise your vibrations and increase the vibrations of others.

Having Power as an Empath

Here are some ways that you can have more power as an empath:

Find Your Higher Self

Having power means that you are sensitive but that you know how to tune into what you need. Even if you feel lost, this isn’t who you are. Once you listen to your inner voice and let guidance help you, you will see that you can bring healing to yourself and others. You don’t have to let your fears control you and you don’t have to always fit in. Be happy with who you are. No energy is better than the energy inside of you. Don’t let your ego control you.

Accept Yourself

Make sure that you accept yourself and love yourself. Let go of things that have held you back in life. Forgive yourself if you have had problems in the past. Be vulnerable and let love come to you. The more you accept yourself and your gifts, the more you will see your talents.

Being an empath is like being a superhero. You can take the weaknesses that other people have, and you can build them up. You can become stronger inside and out.

Manifest What You Need

You can use your positivity and your energy to bring positive things in your life. Manifest things you need and change any toxic energy around you. Know what you want and your desires and don’t let negativity hold you back. Increase your vibrations and let your energy come to life.

What dreams do you have? What kind of desires do you want to reach? Allow your dreams and desires to come to life by reaching your higher self.


  1. Thank you for this enlightening article! It’s refreshing to see a nuanced distinction between being empathetic and being an empath. The guidance on how to cultivate and embrace empathic gifts is particularly valuable. As someone who has often felt overwhelmed by external energies, your advice on raising vibrations and harnessing inner power resonates deeply. This piece is a beacon for those of us navigating the complex emotional landscapes as empaths. Kudos!

  2. I appreciate the practical advice given for empaths to harness their abilities. Accepting and understanding oneself is a journey, and it’s inspiring to see encouragement to manifest positivity and embrace one’s true self. This can be particularly beneficial not only to empaths but also to those around them.

  3. I find the concept of tapping into one’s higher self to overcome fears and negativity quite fascinating. This article does a good job of outlining how personal growth and self-acceptance can empower an empath to make positive changes in their life and the lives of others.

  4. The notion of empaths needing to ground themselves and remain strong to use their gifts effectively is quite compelling. It’s interesting to see how embracing such a gift can lead to personal growth and increased well-being for both the empath and those they help.

  5. The characteristics listed for empaths resonate with a lot of people who might not even realize they have these gifts. However, the emphasis on self-care and setting boundaries is crucial. It can be overwhelming to constantly absorb others’ emotions, and finding ways to cope healthily is essential.

  6. The distinction between being empathetic and being an empath is an important one. While empathy involves understanding and sharing the feelings of others, being an empath entails experiencing those emotions firsthand. This article provides valuable insights for anyone who identifies as an empath and seeks to manage their unique abilities effectively.

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