Relationships and the Zodiac

Relationships and the Zodiac

Our sun signs let us know a lot about our personalities. We can see how our stars have influenced our major characteristics, our strengths, and our weaknesses. When we get into a relationship, these personality traits help us attract a partner. We can also use the zodiac to see how another person could influence us, and if they meet our needs or not.

When we first get into a new relationship, there is a lot we don’t know about this other person. Are they independent? Do they verbally process problems? Do they stay quiet when confronted, or do they react aggressively? Part of the excitement of a relationship is getting to know this person day by day, month by month, year by year. However, you can also use their zodiac sign to determine certain qualities they may have that can influence your relationship.

Here are the signs of the zodiac and how they can affect a relationship.

  1. Aries signs are independent and strong, with a sensitive side that needs to be handled in a specific way. They do not act like victims and need their partner to appreciate them for who they are, flaws and all. Aries are best supported in a relationship with a partner who admires you and shows their affection through their actions.
  2. Taurus signs need to feel secure and stable in relationships. You appreciate long-term relationships to short term flings and enjoy a lot of one on one time in the relationships you have.
  3. Gemini signs need to be in a relationship with someone who is spontaneous and fun. You enjoy a partner with which you can communicate well with and have adventures with. You don’t want to feel bored or stuck in a relationship.
  4. Cancer signs are sensitive and need to feel emotionally safe in a relationship. Cancers are best partnered with people who nurture them and have a lot of patience. You should be able to make memories and create new ones together.
  5. Leo signs work best with a partner who keeps them on their toes and provides them with emotional support. You are able to entertain one another with your quirks and adventures.
  6. In a relationship, Virgos need to feel needed. They function best when their partner deeply appreciates them and what they bring to a relationship. A Virgo needs their partner to be reliable, able to give and take evenly in a relationship.
  7. Libra signs want to be equal in a relationship. Libra signs are happiest when they are romanced in personal, intimate settings, and are able to show their affection to their partner as well.
  8. Scorpios can have a hard time being open with a romantic partner. Trust is key in these relationships, as is a sense of control. Getting to know your partner intimately is the journey for a Scorpio.
  9. Sagittarius signs are in search of a travel companion to have far-flung adventures with. You are in search of adventure and freedom, which is made all the better with a partner by your side. You are always looking ahead to your next great adventure.
  10. Capricorns need their partner to be respectful and sincere in their affections. You don’t like playing guessing games in relationships and need a partner who has a strong sense of themselves and their goals like you do.
  11. Aquarius signs look for a best friend in a partner. They want to be in a relationship with a person who they can trust completely; that is love to them. You are a highly individual person who wants space in a relationship, while still having a true love connection to rely on.
  12. Pisces signs are able to hope for true love even after heartbreak. You are sensitive but smart, able to see the best in other people. You need a partner who you have chemistry with and who makes you feel electric. You need a partner who supports your wild side as well as your sensitive side. You need a partner who won’t take advantage of your affections.

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