The Three Stages of a Healthy Relationship

The Three Stages of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are difficult, whether we are dealing with our relationships with our co-workers, our bosses, our families, our friends, or our significant others. The connections we have, create, and maintain between people make our lives vibrant, interesting, and full of love. Every relationship is unique, and yet there are factors that influence us all no matter what stage of our relationship we are at.

Relationships can be romantic, but our real lives certainly aren’t full of Hollywood-style romances and happy endings. Life and people are complicated, and our relationships don’t always work out the way we think they’re going to (or the way we think they should). Real, strong, and lasting relationships aren’t easy, but they are full of satisfaction, hard work, and communication between two committed people.

There are three standard stages in every romantic relationship, and these stages all revolve around love.

  • The first stage is the need for someone to love me; unrequited love is unsatisfactory, confusing, and hard to navigate. If two people are in a relationship and one person is more connected to the other one, there is an imbalance. Part of the way that this imbalance can be rectified is by both partners in the relationship taking time to love themselves and create a strong foundation within their own self to build a relationship on. All too often we fall for the wrong kind of love, never thinking that we should indeed work to love ourselves first so that we can also love others.
  • The second stage of a romantic relationship is learning to love yourself.  Everyone grows and changes but loving yourself and your partner in the moment is essential for the continued health of a relationship. Self-love allows us to be strong, beautiful, and radiant, attracting a partner who loves and appreciates these things.
  • The third stage of a romantic relationship is being love. This person spreads light, love, and positivity with those around them. Their inviting spirit comes from a place of deep peace and serenity. Love isn’t selfish, and it allows us to cultivate a spirit of compassion, power, empathy, and much more. A spirit of love is empowering, both to the person and those around them experiencing that kind of radiant, enlightened love.

It takes a lot of strength to love ourselves and to love others, with our faults, mistakes, and faults. However, loving ourselves and each other opens our spirits up to enlightenment, joy, and helps to continue building healthy relationships for many years to come.

When love is spread it is powerful, healing, and extraordinary.

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