Learn to Access Your Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Akashic records are a Sanskrit word for both sky and space. This is the knowledge that is part of the physical and non-physical existence in your life. This is the records of all the thoughts, feelings, and actions that you have ever made. You can find out more about your past life and what you have done when you can access your Akashic records. This has to be done in a spiritual level and you can access these things easily and just by meditating.


First thing that you have to do is to state your intentions. Before you want to get your Akashic records, you need to know why you want them and what you are going to do with them. Make sure that you are clear on your intentions before you even get started and find out why you might have a hard time getting this information.

Sometimes you might have intentions that include wanting to know why you are always angry and how you can learn to control it better. You might want to make sure that your goals are clear so that you can make sure that your goals and values line up.

Take time to figure out and focus on what you are trying to get. Once you are focused, the more you can make the results happen. Make sure that your intentions are strong and clear.


Next, you need to make a list of the questions that you have about your past life. Find out what you need to know. You might want to know what kind of job you had in your past or what kind of relationships that you had. You might wonder how this is affecting you now.


Find out what happened in your past and what problems that you had that are affecting you in your life now. Find out more information about your past and how it has to do with your present.

Say things like, “I want to move to another city, but I need to know from my past life if this is a good decision or not?” or, “I have been struggling to trust my partner, did something happen in my past that I need to correct to have better relationships?”

Be Specific

Make sure that you are asking one question at a time and that you are being specific. Focus on your question and the answers you are seeking. Focus on one subject at a time such as your job or your relationship but not them all at once.

Start by asking something like, “Is my relationship going to end in marriage or is something holding me back?”

Then ask, “What kind of job should I be striving towards?”

Be Receptive

You need to then ask your question and say it out loud and wait to get the guidance that you are looking for. You can ask your question out loud and then keep it in your mind until you get the answer you are seeking.

State your question exactly as you want it to be answered and find out if your past life is affecting you now.

Sit or lay down in a comfortable place that you will not be disturbed as you access your records. You need to do this behind closed doors and sometimes doing it early in the morning can be a time when everyone else is gone and will not bother you during this session.

When you start, do not be nervous and if you are asking your guides to help you to be strong and to cover you in white light.

Deep Breathing

As you are sitting and asking your questions, close your eyes and deep breathe. Inhale deeply and exhale through your mouth. Do this for a few seconds and focus on your breathing sounds. Keep your mind and body relaxed and do this for a few minutes.

Put your hands on your stomach and notice how your stomach goes in and out. Meditate on your question as you are relaxed and wait for your answers. You can even say a mantra or do something to keep your mind focused. Do this as you continue to deep breathe.

You can find guided meditation online so that you can work through things if you have a hard time meditating on your own.

Ask for Your Records

You need to ask if you can reach your Akashic records and ask your guides if you have permission for this. Ask them, “Can I please have information from my Akashic records?”

You may get a response in your mind, or you might get a response in the form of a sign. Sometimes you might even get a response that you didn’t want but always be patient and keep asking.

Remember that it can take time to reach these records so don’t get frustrated and keep asking until you get the answers that you want.

Wait for Information

Once you have put your information out there in the universe you can keep meditating and breathing until you get your answers.

Remember the information can come in the form of signs or you might actually hear or see something. It can be vision or something to give you a message.

If you asked about what kind of job you had in your past life, you might get an image of a doctor or a carpenter. This can mean you were that job in your past.

You can get information from your past that might upset you and you need to always be prepared for that. If this happens, do not be hard on yourself because you can change your behavior in this life.

Repeat Your Question

Sometimes when you are trying to get to your records you will feel that you have a spirit close to you. If this happens, tell the spirit who you are and what you are trying to do. Say your question again and see if they can give you the information that you are looking for. You can get good information by talking to the spirits that come to you.

Tell them, “My name is Max, and I am trying to reach my Akashic records, can you help me?”

Interpreting Your Answers

Once you finish, you need to calm down and come back to reality. Open your eyes and look at the things around you. Look at your room. If you were sitting or lying down, stand up and ground yourself.

Look at what you experienced and go and write it down. Journal all of the things that you heard and saw when you were meditating. Keep notes and read them later. If you get signs as you go throughout your day, write them down.

Know that some information that you get might not seem important at first but write it down as well because it might be more important than you realized.


When you want to learn more and get more information about your Akashic records, do the same steps above and see if you can get more answers. Do this until you get all of the information that you want.

If you were confident and got information about your job in the past session, try to get more information on things such as your relationships next time.