Stop Overthinking Everything

Stop Overthinking

Are there times where you have been sitting around in peace and out of nowhere comes a bunch of different thoughts that cause things to constantly run through your head? Are you always wondering if you have hurt someone, offended them or if someone is going to pick you because of how you presented yourself?

There are ways that you can stop overthinking everything in your life. Here are some ways to stop overthinking and have some peace.


When all the thoughts come to your mind and you have too much brain chatter, just take time to breathe. Take a deep breath and let yourself relax. Meditate when you do this and do not try to control what you are thinking but instead imagine something beautiful such as a waterfall or a bed of flowers. Let the negative thoughts wash away from you.

Practice doing this whenever you start to overthink something. Pay attention to what you are saying to yourself and make sure that you are being loving and compassionate to yourself just like you would be someone else.

We are normally better to others than we are ourselves and you do not want to lose your energy or become negative rather learn to motivate who you are and be positive.

Love yourself like you would love a friend and make sure that you are speaking positive things to your life. Control what you say and what you think. You cannot make people say nice things to you, but you can learn to control how you react and how you let things affect you.


When you are around people that are constantly negative and those that hate their own lives, it can become your problem as well. You have to look and see if you find that you are getting stressed out when you hang out with certain people. If you are, you are picking up their negativity and you are like a sponge.

One thing about being an emotional sponge is that it is hard to release the negative thoughts and feelings that invade your life. Instead of controlling them, many people will let them control them instead and they become a reality to them.

Learn to be mindful and to let go of things that are out of your control. Put a shield around yourself to keep the negativity out whenever thoughts start coming that are not benefiting you.

Negative to Positive

Find a way to find positivity in your life such as journaling or being active. Turn the negative thoughts and feelings that you are having to something positive.

When you begin to feel negative, write down what is triggering you and learn to replace this thought with something positive by using positive affirmations. Instead of saying that you failed at something, talk about how hard you worked and that you did your best.

Celebrate yourself and when you are successful, write it down. Write down things that you did good this week and then read them later. You will be surprised at how many good things you accomplished that you forgot about.

Learn to take your negative thoughts and make them lessons. Learn how to better yourself and how to use your skills to become better.

If you find that you are thinking of what you should have done differently, change that and remind yourself that you are in control and that you are doing the best that you can do. Find a way to solve your problems and to stop the negativity from flowing.

Be In Control

You are the one that is in control of your thinking. How is this thinking going to affect you in the next 20 years? You have to learn to get over things that are hurting you and learn to not let things define who you are.

Change the way that your brain things by thinking of things that you love. Get rid of negative thoughts. Learn to meditate and to be positive. No matter what happens, learn to accept that it is part of life and that you have done the best that you can do.

You can be a better person by achieving this in your life. You are the one that is in control of your mind and thoughts, and you need to learn to be patient and loving with yourself.