Learning to Connect to the Spirit World with Your Gift

Learning to Connect to the Spirit World

Everyone is born with psychic gifts and therefore everyone can connect with the spirit world. People are made up of all different kinds of energies such as atoms and so are the things around us. We are connected to the universe because we are part of the stars or like star dust.

Some people have strong psychic abilities while others do not have such strong beliefs. Those that want to increase these beliefs have to practice and learn to experience what happens in the spirit world. For those that do believe, they will talk about their abilities and learn from it, and they will learn to communicate with the spirit world.

If you want to succeed in connecting with the spirit world, all you have to do is desire it. You need to learn to develop your gifts and you can do this when you meditate. This allows your skills to increase and if you learn to focus on the messages from the spirit world, you will see that the world sends you a variety of messages in the form of symbols, signs and even telepathy.

Learn to talk to the spirit world and to listen to your senses. Use your senses beyond your sight, hearing, feeling, knowing and allow your intuition or your gut feeling to guide you.


If you want to communicate with the spirit world you need to meditate. Find a quiet place that is comfortable and sit for a while. Clear your mind and learn to relax. Allow the energy inside of you to connect with the spirit world.

Let the spirit world come to you and tell you what they need you to know. Turn off your mind chatter and do not allow it to keep filling in answers for you. Once you have learned to relax and you learned to ask questions, you can feel the sensations of your guides helping you.


Listen and pay attention to signs from the spirit world. You might hear a song come on the radio that you love, smell something that your grandma used to wear, see a feather, or have a coin drop right beside of you.

Sometimes you will see an animal or a picture that reminds you of a loved one. All of these things are signs to let you know that your loved ones are talking to you and thinking of you.

If you feel this connection, do not try to hide your feelings but embrace them. When someone dies their spirit will be there for eternity and they can surround you with their energies.

The universe allows the spirits to change forms and so they are still a star and can communicate with you as long as you are open to hear from them.


  1. The article presents an intriguing perspective on human potential. It provokes thought on the relationship between individuals and the universe, suggesting a deeper connectivity that transcends physical boundaries.

    • Ava, I agree. The idea that our atoms were once part of stars is both poetic and scientifically fascinating. It provides a unique framework for exploring human capabilities.

    • Indeed, Ava. The notion of universal interconnectedness invites us to reconsider our understanding of existence and consciousness.

  2. Ah, yes, because it’s completely logical that the universe, composed of billions of galaxies and vast cosmic phenomena, is deeply invested in making sure we find feathers and hear our favorite songs. Clearly, the cosmos has nothing better to do. It’s remarkable how this article manages to blend new-age spirituality with a dollop of pseudoscience.

  3. The emphasis on meditation for connecting with the spirit world aligns with various spiritual practices worldwide. This article underscores the importance of mental clarity and focus in developing intuitive skills.

  4. While the article is well-intentioned, it seems to lack any empirical evidence to support its claims. The call for meditation and mindfulness is commendable, but attributing every random coincidence to the spirit world could lead people to false beliefs rather than a deeper understanding of their own cognitive biases.

  5. I appreciate the effort to comfort people who have lost loved ones, but suggesting that smelling perfume or hearing a song is a message from beyond feels like a stretch. It’s important to cherish memories, but this article seems to encourage living in a fantasy rather than dealing with grief realistically.

  6. Is this article a joke? The concept that we can connect with the spirit world by just meditating and ‘desiring’ it seems utterly absurd. The idea of signs from the spirit world like feathers and songs on the radio is laughable and reeks of wishful thinking at its finest.

  7. The discussion about signs from the spirit world is compelling. It suggests that daily phenomena might carry deeper significances if observed with an open mind.

  8. The piece brings out the importance of belief and practice in developing one’s psychic gifts. Whether one holds a strong belief in the spirit world or not, the techniques mentioned, such as meditation, can have positive impacts on mental health and well-being.

  9. This is a beautifully written piece that resonates deeply with the interconnectedness of all things. It’s fascinating to think of humans as part of the cosmic dance, much like star dust. The emphasis on meditation as a means to enhance psychic abilities is particularly enlightening. Meditation not only calms the mind but also opens up channels for deeper spiritual communication. I wholeheartedly agree that embracing and developing our latent gifts can lead to a profound connection with the spirit world.

  10. While the article may seem speculative to some, it provides a framework for individuals interested in exploring their psychic abilities. The concept of energy and its fluidity in the universe is particularly noteworthy.

  11. The notion that everyone possesses inherent psychic abilities is a fascinating perspective. The idea that we are all intrinsically connected to the universe and can tap into these gifts through meditation and mindfulness is quite inspiring. It offers a sense of comfort and purpose, suggesting that we are never truly alone and that the spirit world is always within reach, waiting to communicate with us.

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