Making a Good Habit of Exercise

Making a Habit of Exercise

For many of us, exercise is a boring chore. We aren’t interested in running or lifting weights and getting off the couch can really seem like a hassle sometimes. However, regular exercise can not only make you look better, but can give you more energy, improve your mental health, and come with a variety of other benefits.

Making exercise a habit is something many of us struggle with. We aren’t sure what gym to go to or we feel intimidated by trying something new. By pushing past this initial comfort zone, though, you could be on your way to bigger and better things.

Exercise hurts. Exercise can be difficult. Exercise can be dirty and sweaty. Exercise is also essential to your overall wellness and there are many different things you can get involved in that allows you to get exercise and to have fun at the same time.

Here are a few ways to start exercising and make this an essential part of your life:

1. Lace up your shoes. You might not have the right equipment or the money for a gym membership, but you can lace up your shoes and start walking. Walking for 30 minutes a day can already put you on the right track to heart health, mental health, and physical wellbeing.

2. Start small. You aren’t going to be a world class athlete overnight. Start with easy drills at your local gym or on your own and work up as your body gets used to exercising more. Keep track of your own progress and don’t compare yourself to others- after all, this is about your journey, not anyone else’s.

3. Keep it up. Establishing your exercise habit and sticking to it takes stubbornness and effort. Before you know it, you will be making exercise a part of your day without a second thought. As you start to see results from your hard work, it’ll motivate you to keep going.

4. Remember, exercise can be fun! You don’t have to slog on a treadmill or spend hours at the gym; you can join a community sports team, pick up a new sport, or try something you’ve always wanted to but never had the chance. You can do yoga in your living room, go on a hike, or start swimming at your local pool. The options are endless!

If you know you need to make some changes in your life, exercise can be a good place to start. There are many ways to start exercising, but it’s important that you keep working hard and push through the tough times. The progress you make will be your motivation and your drive to keep succeeding.


  1. The article makes an excellent point about the variety and accessibility of exercise options. Starting small and gradually increasing intensity can indeed make the process less daunting.

  2. The emphasis on personal progress rather than comparison to others is a crucial aspect often overlooked. The idea of making exercise fun is also appealing and could help sustain long-term commitment.

  3. Overall, the advice is practical and encouraging. Highlighting the mental and physical benefits of exercise, in addition to strategies for incorporation into daily life, provides a balanced perspective.

  4. It’s interesting how the article focuses on the adaptability of exercise routines. The suggestions like walking and engaging in community sports make physical activity seem more approachable.

  5. The article simplifies the initiation into regular exercise, which can be beneficial for those who find it intimidating. The variety of options presented could cater to different interests and fitness levels.

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