Discovering Passion in Your Life

Discovering Passion in Your Life

Life is full of discoveries. Whether you are taking a new class or have met a new friend, started a new job or moved to a new city, you have the chance to be constantly learning and growing. All too often we grow comfortable and stagnant, telling ourselves that we are content to be at home, work a job we don’t really like, pay our bills, and occasionally take a vacation somewhere. Passion fades from our life if we do not seek it out.

When we were kids, we did everything with passion. We ran, we played, we made friends, and we interacted with one another in a passionate and joyous way. We felt everything so strongly. All this fades as we grow older; we are taught to sit down, be quiet, and conform.

Passion can be rediscovered in many ways. Maybe you need to move away from the town you grew up in or take a trip someplace out of your comfort zone. Maybe you know that the relationship you are in isn’t the one you want to be in forever. Maybe you need to go for a promotion at work or change your career field entirely. Discovering and pursuing your passion isn’t always easy or comfortable, but it does come with great rewards.

Here are a few ways to regain your passion for life and find other activities that make you happy:

  1. Say yes. Think about how many times you say the word ‘no’ during the day. Sometimes saying no is absolutely necessary and it is important to have boundaries and to say no to things that do not benefit you. However, notice when you are saying no out of fear. We might fear the unknown, or change, or a variety of other things. Start to change your response to opportunities from no to yes and see what doors could be opened for you.

2. Take a trip. If you’ve never left your state or your country, you don’t have to pick someplace halfway around the world with an entirely new language and culture. Pick someplace that is a little closer to home with familiar aspects, like language. By stepping outside of your physical comfort zone, you open yourself to making new friends, seeing extraordinary places, and getting needed perspective on your own life. When you travel you experience things you would never get to do at home, and you find strength in yourself to deal with unfamiliar circumstances.

3. Find what makes you happy. Happiness is a fleeting emotion, and it comes and goes throughout life. Rather than trying to be happy all the time, work on finding people and things that make you happy. Try new things and experiment. Allow your instincts to guide you through new experiences. By following your heart, you learn to listen to your body and discover what really does bring joy to your life.

It’s not impossible to change your life, no matter where you are or how you feel. Discover your passion day by day and continue to be open to growing and changing.


  1. Ah yes, say ‘yes’ more often. Because that’s exactly how I ended up volunteering for my cousin’s cat’s birthday party. Such passion, much joy.

  2. I find the notion of saying yes more often intriguing. It challenges our natural inclination to avoid discomfort and encourages a more adventurous approach to life.

  3. While the article suggests actionable steps, its assumption that everyone possesses the liberty to travel or change careers is rather naive. Passion isn’t something you can just ‘rediscover’ like a missing sock.

  4. Oh, another ‘find your passion’ sermon. It’s easy to preach about discovering joy when you’re not the one working three jobs to make ends meet. Some practical advice for real-world scenarios would be helpful.

  5. The article brings up an interesting point about the diminishing presence of passion as we age. It’s thought-provoking to consider how societal norms might be influencing this change.

  6. The article highlights the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones. It’s a good reminder that growth often comes from change and taking risks.

  7. Interesting take on rediscovering passion. It’s akin to Nietzsche’s concept of the ‘Übermensch,’ urging individuals to transcend their own limitations and societal expectations. Quite a thought-provoking read.

  8. This article resonates profoundly with the existential quest we all grapple with. The call to reclaim passion and curiosity is a timely reminder amidst a culture increasingly geared towards monotony and conformity.

  9. Rediscovering passion can indeed be transformative. The suggestions to travel and say yes to new opportunities are practical steps that many might overlook in their daily routines.

  10. I appreciate the emphasis on self-discovery and personal growth. It’s a reminder that happiness isn’t a constant state but a series of moments we should seek out.

    • Absolutely, the journey to find what makes us happy is ongoing. It’s crucial to keep searching and being open to new experiences.

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