Letting Go and Letting Love

Letting Go and Letting Love

        Some relationships are not meant to be. As much as we might want them to work out, there are certain times and places and people that just don’t mesh. Unrequited loves, lost loves, and loves that don’t work out can attach themselves in our brains and stay with us for many years past their time.

Being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back or who isn’t available is a struggle. You think about them constantly, you dream about them, and you aren’t interested in other people who are available to you. You know that it isn’t going to work out, and yet your heart wants what it wants.

Getting closure on an unrequited love affair is a challenge. You might feel like you are karmically linked to this person and that you are destined for one another, and yet you aren’t able to connect in this lifetime.

If you feel like giving up on life, love, and your own happiness, don’t! there is so much happening in your life, so much potential for great love.

Here are a few ways to move past this unrequited love and embrace the future you deserve:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings. Accept that they are real, and that they are no longer serving you. Make a commitment to yourself that your heart, your feelings, and you are important. You are worth love. You are worth hope. You are worth investing in. Meditate on your feelings for this other person and visualize your energy separating from theirs. Think about your spirits separating from one another and visualize this separation for as much time as you need to.
  2. Think about your memories of this person and the things you associate with them. In your head, cleanse these things and those memories of their connection with that person. If you need to, disconnect from them on your phone and social media. You deserve space and time to move forward with your own life.
  3. When you start to think about this person again, stop. Reconnect with your body and your intention. Keep this person from occupying your thoughts and do whatever you can to keep them from setting up space in your brain.

The effort of getting over a past love or an unrequited love is moment by moment. You have to take everything a day at a time, making progress slowly but surely. Over time you will see how much better you have gotten and, in time, you’ll start to see the potential for love and relationships with other people.

You have the potential for love and greatness in you- don’t let anything hold you back.

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