Finding Healing Inside and Out

Finding Healing Inside and Out

May of us look for solutions to our external problems- how to be prettier, how to get stronger, or how to attract a partner. We tend to forget to take care of our inner selves like we do our outer selves- with care, compassion, and patience.

When we experience something hurtful, both inside and out, its important to give your body time to heal. We can physically feel where we hurt; our heads ache, our bones break, and cuts form scars. These physical reminders allow us to see how things are healing. We have a visual on the progress. Once a scar has healed over or a bone has mended, we can go back to living our normal lives.

Inside, however, we don’t have these physical reminders to let us know if we are fully healed or not. Our hearts break and our emotions cause us anxiety and stress. We can be just as injured on the inside as we can be on the outside. However, we can gloss over this inner hurt by jumping into new relationships, pretending like everything is ok, or hiding away from our close friends and family.

Inner healing is just as important as physical healing. Here are a few ways to make sure you are taking care of your inner self.

  1. Healing requires time, but you can track your progress. The first step to healing your inner self is to release the emotions you have attached to the experience, whether it was a relationship or a bad situation. There might be a lot of guilt, pain, mistrust, disappointment, and anger associated with this person or event. You might not want to relive this point in your life, and that’s totally understandable. However, it is important to heal from this experience by fully letting go of the emotions you have.
  2. The second part of healing your insides is forgiving. You need to forgive yourself and anyone else involved in your experience. By letting go of emotion, you can clear your mind and heart to make room for forgiveness.
  3. Time and experience teaches us so much about life. With every experience, good and bad, we have something to learn. Once you’ve let go of emotion and forgiven, it’s important to sit back and think about the lesson you need to learn from that situation. This can take time and perspective, so never rush this step.
  4. The final step is fully letting go of that experience. Of course you still lived it, and of course it is still part of your life; however, you have let go of anger and negativity and have begun to live in the present moment again. Some of these steps take more time than others, and some steps may need to be repeated until you experience total healing. This process is important and should never be rushed.

Healing needs to occur on the inside and the outside. Take time to take care of your inner self as well as your physical body.