Living After a Break-up

Living After a Break-up

When you break up with someone you love and you are single after so long, life can be strange and different.  What can you do from here?  Many people struggle after ending a relationship and this is not uncommon because this can be a major change.  It is never easy to go through change.


The one thing that you need to know is that even though things change, not everything has to change.  People think that once they break up with someone that everything in their life has to change and that nothing can stay the same.  You can still enjoy doing things you did, and you can still hang out with people that you were both friends with.  You can go to your favorite place that you hung out together at and you can do your hobbies that you love.  Even though this might feel different than it did when you did it with your partner, you can still enjoy it.

Try New Things

When you are having a hard time remembering that you are an individual, you just have to think about things that you liked to do before.  Did you like to go for bike rides?  If you did, do them now.

Give yourself permission to try new things.  Do your old things but throw in things that are new to you?  Take a new class or pick up a new hobby.  You are the one that is in control of your life.  You will be rewarded for these things.

Healthy Habits

People that end a long-term relationship will sometimes pick up unhealthy habits as a way of hiding their anxiety.  Instead of doing this, fill your time with things that are productive and meaningful.  Start helping others, do humanity work.

Exercise, take walks, be healthy and change your life goals.  Figure out what you want to do and put your energy into a new project.  Take a career step that will have you feel happier about your lifestyle.

Never Alone

Even though you have broken up with someone, this can seem scary, but you aren’t alone.  Find new friends and have a good attitude.  Meet new people and find places to go to hang out.  Talk with people that have loved you through it all and let them balance you.  Let them help you to get over your challenges and your sadness.

Go to your family and your friends and let them give you a new perspective on life.  Don’t worry about asking them for opinions and telling them about your broken heart.  Even if you are happy, tell them how you are feeling.  Everyone has had a broken heart before.


After a breakup, time will be your best friend.  Time is what can heal you and it will take time to be yourself again.  Allow time to go on and keep moving forward and being the best that you can be.  Don’t be upset that it is taking so long and don’t feel that you have to make a bunch of changes fast.

Take time to work on yourself and to get over being stressed.  Allow yourself to feel feelings and don’t be upset on times that you are feeling down.

Find things to do with your life and discover who the new you is, with or without your partner.