Right Place but the Wrong Person

Right Place, Wrong Person

Falling in love can be exciting, adventurous, and thrilling. You’ve found someone who you like, who likes you back, and you have begun to build a life together. You might be head over heels in love with this person, until you realize that you aren’t meant for each other.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Most of the relationships we have aren’t going to work out, but that doesn’t mean they are bad relationships. Realizing you aren’t going to spend the rest of your life with someone is hard, but it’s always best to be honest about when a relationship is over.

Just because this person isn’t your forever person doesn’t mean your relationship has failed. You have a foundation of love and could even have a great basis for a friendship already. You can still want them to be happy and healthy, even if they aren’t partnered with you.

There are a lot of lessons we can learn from every one of our relationships, especially when they end.

In some cases, your friends and family know that your partner isn’t the right person for you. They might notice things that you don’t because they know you better than anyone else. When you’re newly in love, you can have a hard time seeing red flags in your new, shiny relationship.

Don’t feel ashamed that you didn’t see the signs- after all, this is your relationship, and it has its own time to begin and end. We can always judge someone else’s relationship when we’re not the ones in it. You should always listen to your family and friends but remember that their word isn’t final.

Relationships can end mutually or poorly, but there are still opportunities to salvage the good bits of the relationship. It might seem like there isn’t hope while you are in the midst of relationship trouble, but there is always potential for new love. We all move through the heartbreak and find bigger, better things on the other side.

Relationships are all about timing. Sometimes we meet an amazing person, but life’s circumstances keep us from being together. There are many opportunities to find true, great love in life, but sometimes these amazing relationships pass us by. It might not have been anything you did that made the relationship fail it could be that the timing just wasn’t right.

When a relationship ends you have the opportunity to invest fully in yourself. You can see what you need to do to make yourself happy first, and love will be drawn to that. Sometimes it takes going through tough relationships in order to see how much we are worth.

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