Remembering Your Past Lives in Meditation

Remembering Your Past Lives

Do you believe in past life regression? If so, you know that life is full of mysteries. Energy is constantly created but never destroyed; it changes and evolves and has done so since the beginning of the universe. If you want to learn more about your past lives, start with meditation.

If you are already in a comfortable meditation routine, continue with this practice. You will be able to explore your past lives without delving much deeper into the meditative state you are comfortable being in. If you’d like to start learning about past life regression, start with getting comfortable with a daily or weekly meditation routine.

As you meditate, visualize yourself in a small boat. Feel the flow of the water as you move across its surface. Imagine coming up to a light blue mist, hovering softly over the water. This represents the mist of time, allowing you to pass through your past lives. As you come through the mist, you will have the chance to access the past life you are looking for. As you practice this kind of meditation, you may become familiar with your past lives enough to purposely go back to certain points.

When you get to the past life you’d like to explore further, exit the boat. Notice your surroundings and make note of them; then, notice yourself. What are you wearing? Do you notice anything different about your appearance? Remember, you may not have always been the gender you are in the present day.

As you look around, check for clues as to the time period you have gone back to. Explore buildings or dwellings around you and see if you recognize any other people. Sometimes we connect with others in our present life who we have interacted with in the past.

Don’t question what you are seeing or experiencing; just live in this meditative moment and learn what you can. As you meditate, consider keeping a journal near you so that you can write things down if you feel compelled to. These notes can be incredibly interesting to read over at a later time, and you can start to put together patterns that may exist in your meditative sessions. This all can help you learn from your past lives.

When you are done exploring, get back in your boat and go back through the mists of time. You will regress back to the present day and wake up refreshed and renewed. Who knows what you could learn from your past life or lives!