Making Good Decisions Spiritually

Making Good Decisions Spiritually

Do you find that you have a hard time making decisions?  The best way to handle this type of indecisiveness for the classic behavior is to make lists, ask a million people their opinion and to take forever to decide on something.

Another way is to just be impulsive and when you decide something, you do it fast without asking anyone.

When you want to grow spiritually, you realize there are better ways to make decisions and to approach intuitive ideas without struggling.

Why Do We Struggle?

We struggle to make decisions because we are not confident, and we do not listen to the spirit world or the universe.

No matter how we meditate or how much we pray, we can still feel that we are disconnected from the universe.  We use our logical mind to get in the way of what we are feeling.  We have to have a clear tie with the universe in order to be able to make better decisions.

When we aren’t connected, we try to force an answer even if we are under pressure.  We block the intuitive messages that we get, and we just make decisions on our own.

Ego Versus Intuition

If the voice is a voice of love and kindness, it is different than the ego.  You will call this your inner love guidance because it will direct you in the right path.


The ego is always looking for an agenda or expectation.  IT doesn’t have a goal to let go and it sets a plan that gets exactly what it wants.  This is a voice of fear and can limit you.


The voice of love is relaxed and caring.  It teaches you to love and to be patient.  It helps to make decisions that aren’t always logical, but they are always good.

The voice of your intuition doesn’t always make sense, but it always will feel good if you follow it.

You should know the difference between the voices so you will know how you should act and when you make decisions you will know the right one to make.

If you are taking the side of the ego, you will know it is always trying to force you to make a decision or to take other people’s advice over your own.  This is a fearful and judging way of making a decision and can cause you to be anxious or upset.

Making Good Decisions

We all have to make decisions sometimes and the universe doesn’t want you to be upset when you do.  You need to be at ease with your decisions and instead of blocking your intuitive ideas, you need to open up to them and listen.

24 Hour Rule

When you have to make a decision, give yourself time.  Don’t make it right away.  There might be times where you have no time, but most of the time you can wait 24 hours to make a decision.

A lot of things can happen in 24 hours and this can cause the energy to shift to a positive way and can cause you not to follow your egos agenda.  You can walk away and do things right and get things done.

In those 24 hours, spend time being relaxed and meditating.  Take time to turn the problem over and surrender it to your guides.

When you surrender the problem, it can take away the negative energy that the ego will give you and will take away the feelings that you made the wrong choice.

Don’t work on impulses and take time to make decisions so you can make the right one.


Each muscle in your body can help you with your decisions.  Even your brain and heart have muscles and they never lie.  If you have to make a decision, focus on your muscle tension and see if it agrees with you.

When you identify the decision, you want to make, ask the question and rephrase it a few times.  Press the tips of your thumb and little finger together to make an o.  Enter the top sections of the thumb with your fore finger of your other hand and press them together like a chain link.

Then pull the set of one finger against the other and if the o separates easily then it means you are making a weak choice and your body disagrees.  This is a no answer.  This is a way your body can communicate.  If it is hard to pull apart then the answer is yes.


One of the best things you can do is to meditate and say a prayer.  You can do different meditations and there is no right way or wrong way.  Pick which one is right for you and let your body guide you.

When you meditate, let the voice of guidance come and listen to it.  It might be a feeling or an image, but your inner wisdom will speak to you and let you know what you should do.  Ask questions and listen.

Spiritually Connected

When you become more connected to the universe, the answers will come easier.  Tap into what inspires you and listen to the voice inside at all times to make the best decisions.