Connecting with Your Guides During Life’s Journey

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Communicating with your spirit guides can be simple but it can be strange if you are new to meditating and new to your spiritual self.  There are ways that you can connect with spirit guides and communicate with them by training and increasing your gifts and abilities.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides can help you from a physical plane and most people have more than one guide.  They are spirit beings that are responsible to help you to make it through your journey and to expand yourself and help you have more spirituality.

The spirit guides are meant to guide you and bring you comfort but not to make decisions for you.  They are just to guide you and help you. The spirits are people that are departed, and they are our loved ones that have passed on to the other life that are there to help bring you good energy and to help you become a better person.

They are unique and can help you when you lack intuition, and they know everything that you have going on in your life.  They are there to help you to be guided and they can come as males or females, but it is important to know that they are not people but spirits.

Types of Guides

There are different types of spirit guides that can help you.  One type of guide is a best friend guide.  This is the guide that will spend the most time with you and they will have the most interaction with you.

This guide is like a friend and brings you companionship and comfort.  They can remind you about handling situations better and can help you to remember to be kind and patient when things go wrong.  This guide will advise you with the choices that you make, and it is believed that this type of guide has once lived as a human and that is why they understand your experiences.

If you need to balance your day and be clear in your mind, your best friend guide will help you find yourself and help you to calm down.  They can appear fast to help you rethink things and remind you to be happy and to laugh.

Guardian Guide

The job of the guardian guide is to help protect you and keep you safe.  This guide usually has a warning and can be your protector.  If you have a feeling that something is caution to you then you need to be careful and pay attention to their signs.

Wisdom Guide

The wisdom guide is your teacher.  If they were a being that used to live on the earth, then they will be someone that can be trustworthy.  If you have questions about learning and education, this guide will help you.

Body Balance

Since we only have one body, it is sacred.  This guide can help to keep your body well and can bring you healthiness.  This is part of your diet and exercise and when you need medical care.  If you hear someone telling you to rest, this is a good time to listen.

Short Guide

A guide that is a short-term guide is there for a little while to help you with a project such as writing a book or doing something short.  This is when they can give you short term skills and help you to become an expert in your field of study.


Spirit guides communicate in different ways through thoughts and feelings.  They know their connections with their humans are gentle and they want you to receive the messages to help you.  They can bring strong messages that are directed towards you.  Connect with your spirit guide knowing they are concerned with you.

Spirit guides can form unique relationships with you, and they are meaningful and important.  A spirit guide will communicate with you and stay committed to you to give you more time and attention that is needed.

When you want to establish the contact with a spirit guide, try to find a quiet place and relax.  You can reach them during meditation, and they might even meet you for the first time.

At this point, you have to pray and invite the spirits to contact you.  Just ask them and they will.  Once you invite them, you have to listen and trust them.  Remember that you always need to be patient.  Spirits come during high vibrational times, and this is when the guidance comes easily.


There are different spirit guides, and they can be helpful but won’t make decisions for you.  They are available to help you and teach you to do what is right for you.  We don’t always need a voice outside of ourselves.  Human beings do not always obey what is right and they sometimes need to have guides because they are insecure or need to make a decision that is hard, and they are not sure what direction to take.

The choice will always be clearer with your spirit guides and remember that the choices that you make need to reach your goals and your future ideas, fulfilling your life journey.


  1. This piece offers an interesting perspective on spirit guides and their potential benefits to our spiritual journey. The detailed descriptions of each type of guide help readers understand how they might receive guidance in different areas of their lives. It’s intriguing to consider the personalized assistance these guides might provide.

  2. The article sheds light on the concept of spirit guides and their various functions, which many might find useful in their quest for spiritual guidance. It is particularly interesting to note the mention of short-term guides that assist with specific projects, providing a practical application of this spiritual concept.

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  4. While I appreciate the mystical approach this article takes, I think it’s important to highlight that self-reflection and meditation alone can offer significant benefits without the need to invoke spirit guides. By attributing our inner wisdom to external entities, we might underestimate our own potential for self-guidance and growth.

  5. Spirit guides that whisper dietary advice? Sounds like the ultimate personal trainer without the gym membership! I guess next they’ll tell me to avoid gluten and sugar too. Oh, the wisdom of the ethereal realms!

    • True, Smirk! Maybe my spirit guide can share some million-dollar business ideas next. Who needs mentors when you have spirits with ‘universal’ knowledge?

    • Haha, indeed! But on a serious note, some people find comfort and structure in these beliefs. It’s all about what works for the individual, right?

  6. The article provides a comprehensive overview of different types of spirit guides and their roles. It’s enlightening to learn how specific guides, such as wisdom and guardian guides, can assist us in various aspects of life. The emphasis on meditation and patience in connecting with these guides is well-articulated.

  7. I’m intrigued by the notion of spirit guides, particularly the idea of a ‘best friend guide’ who offers companionship and guidance. It reminds me of the psychological concept of an inner mentor or idealized version of oneself that one can turn to for advice and reassurance. Perhaps these spirit guides are metaphorical representations of our own inner strengths.

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  9. This article offers a detailed guide on understanding and connecting with spirit guides. The division of guides into categories like best friend, guardian, and wisdom guides helps clarify their unique roles. The suggestions for establishing contact through meditation and high vibrational times are clearly presented and could be quite practical for individuals new to this practice.

  10. What a load of pseudoscientific nonsense! Spirit guides communicating through thoughts and feelings? If there were any scientific basis or empirical evidence supporting these claims, maybe I’d consider it. But until then, I’ll stick to tangible, evidence-based practices.

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