Master Number 11

Number 11

Having the Master number 11 in your numerological chart can mean that you are lucky. The number 1 is a Master number, and this means that it has strong vibrations. This means you can see things that are made up of energy and you can benefit from it.

There is a double vibration in the Master number 11 because it has two 1’s. This is very powerful.

Characteristics of the Master Number 11

Here are some characteristics of the Master Number 11 Beings:

  • Sensitive.
  • Empathetic.
  • Strong intuition.
  • Introverted.

The energy of the 1 and the 2 are great energy and it is both male and female energy. This can mean you are a leader, and you use your abilities and your energies to attract others.

People want to feel good and so they will come to you and be drawn to you because you are able to give them energy. Always take time to recharge and to make sure that you are reaching your higher self.

When you feel unbalanced, you need to let things go and reach your higher self.

Intuition and Creativity

Intuition and creativity works with the Master Number 11. This can mean that you are someone that is inspired easily, and you inspire others. You are creative and you seem to have to put no work into it.

You might need to make sure that you are balanced and that you don’t have too much energy.

Too Much 2 Energy

You have to be careful not to let the problems of others burn you out. When you start to feel upset or aggravated, it can mean you have too much 2 energy. Here are some signs:

  • Being anxious.
  • Stressed.
  • Irritable.
  • Feeling overwhelmed in life.

When your energy isn’t balanced, you have to make sure that you balance yourself. This can be confusing, but you need to be patient and let it happen. Reach your higher self.

Too Much 1 Energy

When you have too much of the 1 energy, you will feel overly confident, and you might take risks that you normally wouldn’t take. You have to learn to calm yourself and meditate so that you can get rid of some of this energy. Too much of this energy can make you aggressive. You must balance this.

Getting Master Number 11 Energy

There are ways that you can get the energy of the Master Number 11. You can connect and balance yourself by doing these things:

  • Meditating.
  • Journaling.
  • Going in nature.
  • Manifesting things in your life.

Let your Master Number 11 energy flow through your body and let it make others feel good along the way!