Types of Psychic Readings

Types of Psychic Readings

When the word psychic comes up in conversation, people often think that this is going to be a lady lavished in beads that sits in a dark room. The truth is that there are different kinds of readings, and they are not what you see on television. Here are some of the most known readings:

Astrological Readings

An astrological reading is a popular kind of reading, and it happens when the psychic reads your astrology chart to figure out what kind of challenges and situations are in your life. This kind of reading will have a psychic look at what is going on your life and then to read the planets to give you an idea about why things are happening.

Palm Reading

Palm readings happen when a reader looks at the palm of your hand and determines what the lines on your hand mean. This can be personality situations and they can tell you what is going to happen in the future.

This is a kind of reading where the reader will look at the positions of your lines and you can get a better idea of what is going on in your life. They can even look at different markings on your hand to give you information.


Another popular reading is a mediumship reading. This is when you are able to connect with the dead by talking to a psychic. The psychic will be able to connect with the person that has died and then they can give you information.

When getting this reading, it can be through a trance, automatic writing or just picking up on the information. This can help those to heal that are grieving.


Tarot readings are done when the psychic lays out cards and tells you what the cards mean for your past, present or future. They are able to know what each card means and give you an interpretation of the cards that they spread for your reading.

There are different decks, and you will not get the same reading twice. If you have to make a big decision in your life, you might want to pick a tarot reading for that.

Aura Reading

An aura reading is done by the reader looking at the aura. Your aura is made up of energies and the reader can see different colors of your aura. This can help them to know if you are healthy and what is happening with your life.

Numerological Reading

Numerological readings are harder to do, and they can be somewhat complicated. The reader will be able to figure out your numbers by using your birth chart and other numbers in your life. Once they get the numbers, they will be able to take them into factor to find out things like your personality and more.

These kinds of readings can be interpreted because they are specific. This will depend on the reader and what kind of understanding that they have and what kind of tools that they use.

Kinds of Readings

There are different kinds of readings, and they can go from astrology to numerology and many things in between. There are other readings that aren’t even listed here. Look online and find out what kind of reading that you want and what you hope to get out of your reading.

By doing this, you can find out what your journey holds, and you can find the best kind of reader for your situation. There are so many possibilities out there, find the ones best for your life.