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When Your Psychic Energy is Running Low

When Your Psychic Energy is Running Low

Have you been feeling tired, run down, or just plain exhausted lately? Do you find yourself forgetting to do things, misplacing objects, or letting down the people around you? Sometimes it’s not just our physical bodies that get worn down, but our minds and emotions as well. We can go through phases of tiredness that affect more than just our bodies, but seep down into our very core.

Psychic energy can be decreased at some points in our lives. We might feel like we aren’t in tune with our bodies or the energies of other people like we usually are. When your psychic energy dwindles, it can be hard to know how to fill it back up.

Psychic energy is all around us, and it follows our attention and our intentions. This psychic energy is created when we put our goals and intentions out into the universe. Psychic energy can be used to manifest your goals and make them real, to heal, to attract positive energy, and much more. When this energy is low, we might feel listless, negative, frustrated, and a variety of other emotions that don’t make us feel very balanced.

Psychic energy isn’t hard to replace if it has been lost. Psychic energy is abundant in nature, residing in the trees and the forests, the oceans and the rivers, the mountains and the animals around you. People can also be a source of positive psychic energy.

If you are looking for ways to increase your psychic energy levels, here are a few things you can do to make that a reality:

  1. Be in nature. Just by taking a walk in your local park you can replenish some of your needed psychic energy. Sit in your garden, listen to a local water source like a river or the ocean, or be in a space with clean air and lots of greenery. This peacefulness and growth allows us to replenish our energy and regain our connection to the psychic world.
  2. When Your Psychic Energy is Running LowBe creative. Use your imagination to create or regain memories, tell a story, or connect with loved ones in your mind. Remembering times we felt energetic and connected can help boost our psychic energy levels. These fond memories can make you feel emotionally happy or content, in addition to replenishing your psychic energy levels.
  3. Surround yourself with good vibes. Surround yourself with people who invest in your life, emotionally and spiritually. Be around a positive group of people who you know will support you and lift you up. You know that you have found the right kind of people when you are excited to see them, no matter what. This group can rejuvenate your life and make you feel like new.
  4. Explore your surroundings. You might feel like there isn’t anything new to explore in your city, but you’re probably wrong! There are many nooks in our cities worth exploring and getting to know better. High energy spots in a city include places where lots of people gather to talk, interact, heal, and engage with one another with a common purpose.
  5. Be around animals. Pets and other animals have extraordinary healing powers. They are incredible conductors of psychic energy, and just by being around them you can see the benefits of their psychic energy levels on your life and attitude.

These are just five ways to boost your own psychic energy when you feel it flagging. Remember to let go of negativity and other things that are weighing you down before you try to fill your psychic energy levels. You will feel much better and able to tackle life’s challenges when you feel psychic energy returning to you.