How to Mend a Broken Heart

How to Mend a Broken Heart

Getting over a breakup isn’t always cut and dry. There’s no formula for healing, and time feels like it’s moving entirely too slow when you’re in pain. Heartbreak can take years to heal, and some of us don’t ever get over some of the loves in our life.

If you’ve recently been through a heartbreak, there are a few things you can do to start the healing process. One thing that can be helpful is to write down the person who hurt you and what they did on a piece of paper. Gather pictures and other objects that remind you of them and have a quiet bonfire. Let the flames burn up your past and your hurt. Let the fire take away your pain; it’s cathartic!

You can also write down your hopes and dreams for the future. They can involve that person or just general hopes you have for your life moving forward. As you go, tear these papers into strips and commit them to the fire. Say the words, “This I now allow to go.” Burn the past and the future so that you can move forward, cleansed and open to new possibilities.

Another way to heal from a breakup is to invest in self-care. Take a bath with your favorite scents and just relax- allow your mind to be at ease. Let the water absorb your pain and disappointments from the relationship that has ended.

Remember to let yourself feel whatever you need to feel in order to heal. Cry, laugh, be angry, but don’t bottle up those feelings. The heartbreak healing process means letting all these feelings happen without judgement.

Finally, one essential part of healing from a heartbreak is to cut ties with the person who hurt you. You might still have fond feelings for them and want to be friends, but you do need time to yourself in order to really get over that heartbreak. Cut the ties you have between yourself and your former relationship in order to not be influenced by their energy anymore.

Breaking up causes real pain in your life. There’s no easy way to get through a heartbreak except to let time heal all wounds. Listen to your heart and your body to tell you what is needed to heal. Invest in yourself, find support in your friends and family, and soon you will be ready to find real love again.

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