You Matter: Learning to Love Yourself

You Matter: Learning to Love Yourself

We spend a lot of time doing things for other people. We go to work and do what our boss wants us to do, we come home and take care of our families, and we often forget that we matter too.

When we value ourselves, we place our happiness and health at the same level as the people around us. We know that part of taking care of other people is making sure you are doing what you need to do to remain healthy and peaceful in your own body and mind. We strive to be selfless and give to others, but we need to also invest in self-care.

When learning to love yourself its important that you don’t forget that you are valuable. You add into other peoples’ lives; you are an important part of your family, your social circle, your work, and in the other relationships you have. You owe it to these relationships to be at your best as much as possible, which sometimes means taking a break to rest and reassess.

It’s important to find time to do ‘you’ things that are just yours, whether you find peace reading a book at a coffee shop, hiking mountains, or another hobby. Even taking a solo lunch break can help you revitalize yourself in the middle of a crazy day. By taking time for yourself, you start to engage more with what your body is doing and feeling. You can sense when you need to take time to care for yourself and when you have the energy to invest in other people.

Remember that your needs matter. You deserve to be happy and healthy and energetic, just like the people around you. When you start your day, begin with a moment of contemplation. What can you do for yourself to start your day off right? Before jumping into the tasks you need to do for others, take a moment to check in with yourself.

Life is about balance, and we all need to learn how to balance our needs and the needs of others in ways that are mutually beneficial to all parties. Being able to say no to people or situations that do not serve us doesn’t mean you’re a bad person; it means you are able to maintain healthy boundaries for yourself and others.

When we learn to love ourselves for exactly who we are, we practice graciousness and patience with ourselves and with others. You should make yourself a priority so that you can put your best foot forward with other people. As you show love and compassion for yourself, others will notice and begin to do the same.