All the Single Ladies (and Gentlemen)

All the Single Ladies (and Gentlemen)

After a breakup, you might realize that you need some much-needed single time. Being single is a great time to get to know yourself, grow in your own strengths, and rediscover who you are as a person. You can reconnect with old friends, spend time doing things you want to do, and meet new people with confidence.It can be difficult to be the third wheel in your friend group, but it is also better to be single and happy than in a relationship out of obligation.

If you’re not entirely comfortable in relationships, you might just be happier by yourself. Here are eight signs that you might just be happier as a single lady or gentleman:

  1. You want to age with grace. Relationships can make people glow, but over time people grow complacent and can let their physical health fall to the wayside. As a single person, you can be more invested in your physical health to promote your own happiness and health because you aren’t responsible for a spouse or kids.
  2. man-andYou want to keep your independence. Being committed to a partner isn’t a bad thing, but it can cramp your style. If you like to make decisions for yourself on your own, being in a relationship can result in resentment and frustration when you leave your partner out of the decision making loop. Studies show that single people are more resilient to injury and illness, and are often able to rebound from challenges faster than their married counterparts.
  3. You pick the wrong people. If you’ve had a string of bad relationships, you might feel like you don’t have what it takes to pick the right life partner. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to not be able to pick the right partner, either; divorce, death, and the struggles of marriage and marriage breakups can lead to unhappiness, health problems, and many other struggles along the way. Being single can give you space to breath and be with yourself, choosing a life partner you know won’t let you down.
  4. Fear is a motivating factor. Some of us really don’t like being single. We hate being alone with our thoughts, and find it difficult to fill our days up without the help of another person. However, fear of being alone can often drive us to diving into a relationship with the wrong person. This can also result in you being in a series of bad relationships.
  5. stay-out-debt-800x800You’re money-wise. When you get married, their debt becomes your debt and vice versa. As a single person, you can maintain your financial responsibility without worrying about the past financial mistakes of someone else.
  6. You like being alone. Being single isn’t a bad thing- you prefer your own company to someone else’s. Solitude allows us freedom to explore our independence and creativity, and committing to our own happiness can result in a better quality of life over the long run.
  7. You love your sleep! Sleeping with another person can be comfortable and enjoyable, but it can also cramp your sleeping style. Sleeping alone allows you to be better rested, have more energy, and enjoy the time you spend with other people during your day.
  8. You want to keep in touch with friends and family. Although we don’t like to admit it, we do lose touch with some friends or even family members when we get into a relationship. That relationship takes up a lot of our energy, and we do end up spending less time with our families and friends tan we do when we are single.

Being in a relationship is great, but being single can be an amazing life experience as well. Rather than jumping into relationship after relationship, consider being single for a little while. You might just learn something about yourself, and you may just enjoy it!

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