Why People Cheat

Why People Cheat

When it comes to bad relationship stories, cheating often takes the top spot. The practice of cheating on a partner is pretty bad, and regularly is the ultimate end of a relationship. Most of us would admit to having a hard time forgiving a partner if they have cheated on us.

But what happens when we are the cheater? If you’ve cheated before, you know how thrilling and how terrible it can be. Having cheated before, we carry an invisible marker to other potential partners that tells them that we might be vulnerable to cheating again.

If you’ve cheated, you might have tried to justify your actions. You weren’t fulfilled in your relationship, you couldn’t help yourself, and a variety of other excuses enter your mind. Rarely are we honest with ourselves about why we cheated, or why we felt like we were powerless to stop.

why he cheatsCheating ultimately starts with us misleading our partner. We lie or don’t mention where we are going, who we are hanging out with, or who we’re texting. We start to go out of our way to cover our trail, all the while acting like we have nothing to hide. These circumstances might seem innocent or normal, until they’re not.

If we’re cheating, you have to be honest about the results of those actions. Do you really expect your partner to stick with you after your betrayal? Do you love them if you’re willing to cheat? Is lying worth the thrill of another person? Do you think you can have your cake and eat it too?

Cheating, in the end, results in no one winning. We all lose. Our partner loses their trust in us, and we become people who aren’t able to have normal relationships without looking over our shoulders. We become the reason why our relationship failed.

However, just because we think about cheating doesn’t mean we’re going to do it. We all have thoughts like this, but they don’t have to lead anywhere. Taking action by cheating is what destroys a relationship. In the end, we need to have a conversation with ourselves where we agree that cheating is wrong, it makes us feel bad, and the consequences aren’t worth it.

Cheating often looks like the easy way out for us. We cheat on our diets, on our fitness goals, on our partners. In the end, though, we’re only cheating ourselves.

If you’re committed to leading a healthy life for yourself and the people around you, consider places where you might be cheating. Examine your intentions, your feelings, and tell yourself that you are better than that behavior. Then, go and change your life for the better.

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