Getting Rid of Bad Luck

Getting Rid of Bad Luck

Do you feel like you’ve been cursed or like you’ve had a streak of bad luck lately? Every so often we get into a negative rut that seems like it’s spiritual in origin. There are a few ways you can determine if this negativity is the result of a bad magic spell, or if it’s just life’s usual ups and downs at work.

If you think you’ve been cursed by someone, think about your situation. Does someone wish you ill? If so, why? We all make enemies, but sometimes these bad relationships hurt us more than we realize.Common types of black magic curses include revenge spells, bad luck hexes, and anger boil curses. You might experience a series of bad luck incidents with no explanation or find yourself getting sick even though you’ve been living a healthy life. A string of bad luck or unexpected bad news doesn’t mean you’ve been cursed; sometimes, these things just happen.

Think about the ways in which your own internal negativity might be causing bad things to manifest in your life.

If you do think you’ve been cursed, you can begin to reverse that negativity by cleansing your spirit. Amulets can be used as personal protection to ward off bad spirits or additional curses. Amulets can be objects that are sacred to you.

Additionally, you can take a bath in salt and herbs to ritually cleanse yourself from bad luck or residual curses. This practice cleanses negative energy and allows you to bring positivity back into your life. Salt, basil, patchouli, wormwood, and incense are all useful as cleansing agents. These herbs can be burned around you or carried with you.

Finally, positive energy can do a lot in bringing back light and life to you. Laughter takes away the power of negative or bad energy. Surround yourself with things you love, as well as friends and family who make you laugh. Enjoy a good book or a movie that is a favorite of yours.

A binding spell can also be used to change what is evil into what is good. You might want to consider talking to a spiritual healer as well, as they can help you determine what to do if you indeed have been cursed.

In the end, life happens. Sometimes it seems like we’re in a really negative space and bad luck is all that we are attracting; other times, it seems like life can give us nothing but sunshine and roses. The best way to get rid of bad feelings or negative luck is to invite positivity and light into your life.