Welcome Positivity into Your Home

Welcome Positivity into Your Home

You want your home to be a haven of light and warmth, welcoming to all who enter. We spend a lot of time picking the right paint, the right furniture, and the right accessories to make our houses feel like home. We want everyone who lives there to have their personalities shine through in different spaces while creating an atmosphere of light, life, and love throughout the rooms of your home.

We’ve all been in spaces that feel dark, negative, and cramped. You might have walked into a space and felt claustrophobic or jittery, simply because there was negative or chaotic energy present there. There is a lot we can do to decrease the negative energy in the spaces we live and work in by allowing positivity and good energy to flow.

Here are a few things we know about color and how different hues can change the atmosphere of your room.

Blue: Blue is a color that exudes warmth, tranquillity, and relaxation. Blue should be used in rooms where you want to emphasize calm and healing energy.

Green: We associate green with nature as it symbolizes growth and new life. Green is associated with memories and new beginnings and can be used in rooms where you want to feel nourished and refreshed.

Red: Red is a vibrant color, perfect for passionate spaces. Red gets our blood flowing and makes us excited. Red is an intense color and should be used strategically.

Yellow: Yellow is a warm, bright, and happy color, perfect for accent walls and other accents that can be used to make spaces feel bigger. Yellow is cheerful, happy, and playful. Yellow can be used in any room of your house to promote stimulation.

Violet: Violet is a spiritual color used to promote intuition. This color is good for spaces where you can be creative and daydream.

Brown: Another natural color like green, brown is a fertile color that evokes feelings of grounded-ness and stability. Brown is secure, calming, and can be used to relieve tension.

Black: Black can be used in small doses to reflect the passing of time and life. Black is highly symbolic and evokes feelings of dignity and power. Black can be very depressing for some people, while for others it provides a boundary and a sense of enclosure.

Smells are another important aspect of your home’s atmosphere that works alongside color. We all have unique scents, and our homes are no different. Essential oils, candles, and other fragrances can be used to make your home smell unique and fresh for visitors.

Sandalwood is a common scent that is used to uplift and energize.

Frankincense is a heavier scent that can be useful for cleansing energy, both physically and spiritually.

Vanilla evokes feels of relaxation, home, and satisfaction. This is a scent that appeals to almost everyone.

Ylang-ylang is a scent that should be used lightly. When used properly it can stimulate feelings of sensuality and provide an anti-depressant quality to your home.

Peppermint is a scent that some people love and others hate. This scent promotes energy and can be used to calm the digestive system.

Jasmine is another favorite to spread around your home. Women appreciate this scent and it can be used to boost self-esteem, feelings of attractiveness, and inherent femininity.