How to Stay in a Strong and Fulfilling Relationship

Should You Be In A Relationship?

We’ve all questioned our love lives before. If we’re in a relationship, we might wonder if it’s the relationship we’re supposed to be in. If we’re single, we often wonder if something is wrong with us or if we should be working harder to find love. No matter where you are in life, there are going to be questions.

At the start of a relationship, it is easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of a new person. Once that novelty has worn off, though, you might find that you’ve created some bad relationship habits that are causing conflict and unhappiness.

This is the most important moment for checking in with yourself and your partner to find out if you both want to build a strong relationship foundation going forward. Creating this supportive and fulfilling relationship takes a commitment from both of you to work through the tougher times.

Here are a few common relationship mistakes that people make when trying to embark on a lasting, loving partnership with one another:

  • Taking each other for granted.

If you’ve been in a relationship with one another for a while, you know when you can depend on your partner. You get used to calling them when you need something, and often forget to say thank you for the things they’ve done for you. A little appreciation doesn’t go unnoticed, and you can foster feelings of mutual respect and love by just thanking them for what they do.

Check in with your partner by keeping open lanes of communication. This makes you both feel supportive and heard when things in your relationship do get difficult.

  • Not expressing yourself.

Some partnerships rely on one another in deep, quiet ways. However, we all like to hear that we are loved, needed, and desired. Be sure to vocalize how you feel about your partner so that they know they are loved and appreciated in many ways. If your partner is quiet, be sure to encourage them to speak up about any topic in your relationship so that you are able to communicate effectively with one another.

  • Getting distracted.

We all know that life is busy. You are tackling your job, your social life, dealing with your family, finding time to spend with yourself, and trying to keep your relationship healthy all at the same time. It can be difficult to find time to focus on your relationship, especially when things aren’t going very well. If you or your partner start to get distracted, try planning a regular date night, make them coffee in the morning, and go slightly out of your way to make their day brighter. This can make all the difference sometimes.


These are just three small things you can be aware of in your relationship. Over time we grow used to one another, but this doesn’t mean we have to fall out of love. Look at your partner the way you looked at them the first time you met- feel the same excitement and the joy of getting to know someone new for the first time. The love you build over time will be strong, exciting, and fulfilling for many more years to come.

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