Signs Your Loved Ones is Around

Signs Your Loved Ones is Around

People that have died still have souls that are alive. Some believe that their dead relatives can come and visit them. Here are some signs that your dead loved one might be close to you:

Feeling Them

Do you ever sit around and feel like you are being watched? You look around and no one is there? Or do you feel that you aren’t alone in the place you are? You might be one of those people that can see into the spirit world and knows who is coming to visit you.

Sometimes your loved one might want to come by and see you so that they can let you know that they are safe and sound. You can talk to the spirit and tell it that you love it. Ask it to come and visit you more often. You do have to make sure that there are boundaries for when you don’t want the spirit to come into your home. This is one of the signs that your loved one might be close to you.

Feeling in the Senses

Your dead loved one might be able to reach your senses form where they are. They might be able to reach you by making you smell a certain smell or to hear their laughter. You may even see something or feel them touch you.

If you are sitting in your room and you smell the perfume of your dead loved one or you hear them talking to you, they might be giving you a sign. Some people will even see their loved ones in their peripheral vision. You have to be open to them visiting you but know that most loved ones that have died will not come as a full spirit.

Coins and Objects

Some spirits will try to leave you little gifts to let you know that they are by you. This could be a coin that comes from nowhere or a feather that you find on a bench. You might even find things in your home.

No matter where you find the object, chances are that you will notice it and know that your dead loved one is trying to give you a sign. Always look around for signs and visits from your deceased loved ones when you clean or when you go walking.

Energy Sources

Another sign that your loved one might be near is if the lights flick on and off or the television goes on or off on its own. This can be a form of energy that they use to communicate with you. Since they are from a different plane, they will need to have objects to help them get your attention. Let them know that you aren’t afraid of them and that you know they are near.

Animal Messages

Some dead loved ones will use animals to come and give you a message. If you see a certain animal hanging around, you more than normal then chances are that it is a sign for you. pay attention to animals and to insects and see if they are trying to interact with you.

People and Places

There are places that you go that you never intended to go where you might meet people that are there to give you messages. Listen to what they say and let them know that you understand. This will be an inside joke or something that only your deceased relative would know.

Final Thoughts

No matter what way that your deceased loved one tries to reach out to you, embrace it. They want you to know that they are okay and to know that you are making it in your life. They don’t want you to be sad or to miss them and they can come to you to visit anytime you want them to.

When your dead loved one reaches out to you, listen for confirmation from them. If you are still confused, you can take time to see a psychic medium. Just because someone dies it doesn’t mean that the bond you have is broken. Let a psychic medium help you to have closure.