Is Your Loved One Contacting You?

Loved One Contacting You

Losing someone that you love can be a horrible situation. You miss them and wish that you could talk to them again. Even though you can’t physically see them, chances are that they might try to connect with you through different events and messages. Here are some ways your deceased loved ones might be trying to connect with you:

Repetitive Dreams

A very common way that your loved one can connect with you is through your dreams. If you keep having the same dream over and over about your deceased loved one, chances are that they are trying to connect with you. This kind of connection should make you feel good and let you know that they want to talk to you.

You can write down your dreams in a journal so that you can remember them and so that you can know the different times they have reached out to you. If you aren’t sure what your dreams mean, you can talk to a psychic dream analysis to help you.

Synchronicities and Coincidences

Maybe you are driving, and you hear your deceased dad’s favorite song on the radio, or someone comes around you and you smell the perfume that your mom used to wear. Having items that your deceased relative loved show up randomly around you might be a sign that your loved one is near.


Animals know what you need because they have strong intuition. Look around at the animals that come into your life. If you have a cat that keeps showing up or if you keep seeing lady bugs around your home, this can be a sign your loved one wants to talk to you.

Some believe that their loved ones can come back as an animal. Animals that seem to have the same personality as your loved one might be a sign and might be trying to get your attention.


Numbers are important in the lives of people around them. If you keep seeing repeating numbers, you will be able to get a sign that your deceased loved one is close to you. Numbers like their birth date or their anniversary date can be a sign for you.


Some spirits will come to your home and will mess with your electricity. This can mean that your lights flick on or off or that your television turns on by itself. Your loved one wants you to know that they are near without scaring you. If this is happening, look and see if your loved one is trying to give you a message.

Bringing You Peace

You will feel peace when your loved one is near you. If you find that you are angry or sad but then out of nowhere you feel at peace, this could mean your loved one is close to you. Talk to a psychic medium and let them give you a reading to help you have closure. Your psychic medium can connect with your dead loved one for you.

Your loved one will miss you as much as you miss them so pay attention to the messages that they are trying to send you.


  1. So, my cat scratching the furniture is now a sign from my deceased grandma? Brilliant! I guess I should start asking my plants for stock tips while I’m at it. 😂

  2. The psychological comfort these signs provide is undeniable. They serve as a coping mechanism, allowing individuals to process grief and find peace, which is crucial for mental health.

  3. This seems like a bunch of pseudoscience masquerading as comfort. Repeating numbers and flickering lights are hardly evidence of a loved one trying to reach out. People should seek solace through more tangible means.

  4. Oh, how convenient that our deceased loved ones communicate through such vague and random means. What’s next? Finding their initials in our cereal? The human mind is adept at finding patterns in chaos.

  5. What an enlightening read! The section about animals resonated with me deeply. I’ve often felt a strong connection to butterflies, and now I wonder if there’s more to it. Thank you for shedding light on these fascinating possibilities.

  6. While the idea that deceased loved ones might reach out to us through dreams and synchronicities is comforting, it remains scientifically unproven. One must tread carefully between finding solace and falling into the trap of wishful thinking.

  7. Fascinating article! The way it describes various signs like repetitive dreams and synchronicities is truly intriguing. It offers a comforting perspective for those who have lost someone dear.

  8. Ah, yes, because nothing says ‘Hello from the afterlife’ quite like a malfunctioning lamp or an overly affectionate stray cat. Next, we’ll be attributing Wi-Fi issues to spectral interference.

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