The Trouble with Frenemies

The Trouble with Frenemies

Sometimes, friendships can become toxic. People you’ve known for years can suddenly become clingy and jealous of your other friends. It’s the kind of friendship you’d have at school, only you are both fully grown adults and capable of being more responsible.

Frenemies can behave as if they think they own you. Particularly for women, exiting friendships like these—or even surviving them in the first place—can be a difficult undertaking. Tensions can invade a friendship and make it difficult to be around that person, but they aren’t technically major incidents, so it is almost impossible to find an exit.

You may already know that your romantic life is influenced by past life karma, but not many people know that this also extends to your platonic friendships, too. Because we know frenemies can seem almost impossible to navigate, we’ve gone into some detail here on ways to get around these tricky situations.


It may well be that you are, psychically, your sister’s protector. If you have entered into a ‘contract of protection’ with this person at any point, this will continue to significantly affect their behavior. They will expect you to carry on protecting them, and if it seems as though you may be protecting someone else, this will trigger a negative response in this person.

A psychic reading can explore your past-life relationships in order to more fully explain your current situation. It may be that you and your frenemy might have been actual sisters in the past, and that you had been contracted with protecting her. This level of attachment carries over into your present life and can make your current ‘sister’ behave in the same way.

If, then, in your present life you are beginning to grow as a person, it is unlikely that the other person will tend to do the same. This causes them to lash out emotionally when they cannot depend on you as much anymore. Without a psychic reading, of course, you can never be aware of this or the fact that you are not creating new karma as a result.

In your current life, you are not obligated to look after this person. You are completely free to move on your life and leave the friendship; there is no karmic reason not to. Nothing will change if your dependent frenemy does not try to undergo their own therapy in order to let go of their past-life karma. In reality, she is no longer an endangered person, and does not need a protector in this life.

Attachment to Power

In the case of frenemies acting like they own you, this is often determined by your chakras. If you have weak chakras, you will feel as though you have no power whatsoever. In response, you create your own attachments to those around your who are stronger. However, this only happens because persons with stronger chakras are attracted to those with weaker ones. This can lead you into a situation where you are more easily manipulated.

This can also be caused through your relationships with your parents. It might be hard to detect similar behaviors in your friends, but the chances are that if you are being manipulated by your frenemies—particularly female friends—then you have a history of being manipulated by your parents, too. This prevents you from being truly autonomous. You thus develop an unconscious attachment, usually a negative one, to stronger women than yourself.

The only way to strengthen your chakras is by exiting these toxic relationships altogether. Only then will you be able to focus on your own personal growth. This might be especially difficult if you are living or working with your frenemy, at which point you may have to seek alternative accommodation or transfer to another department in your office.

With frenemies, your best course of action is to seek the advice of an impartial psychic. There is no need to be apprehensive here; psychics are, by nature, compassionate entities. Call a psychic now and seek an end to your toxic friendships.