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5 Things You Believe You Need

5 Things You Believe You Need

There are consequences to experience for anything you need.

Nowadays comparing ourselves with others is very simple- and presumably their better lives. Both the entertainment industry and social media are involved in the realization of this as they display romanticized lives for us to unavoidably differentiate our own achievement. However, at times whatever we watch in the news and see in our newsfeeds appears to be vastly improved than it is. Here are five things you believe you need and the consequences those individuals who appreciate them regularly have to deal with.

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  1. Monetary Success (however no amount of cash is always sufficient)

Quite a lot of individuals want more cash since making a considerable amount of cash makes life less demanding. You’ll always be happy when checking your bank account balance and there will be no pressure when rent’s due. However, you will have to continue striving to maintain your financial status since no amount is always enough. Truth be told, when a research was conducted on cash and bliss it was discovered that regardless of how much individuals make which is over $75,000 per year, they do not get satisfied. This, therefore, means that even though tycoons have a large amount of money they are not living a happy life.

  1. A lot of Companions ( but there’s none you close to)

You’ll always feel the need to be identified and be with people especially when you see them in social media coming together to have great moments. You’ll feel the need to experience things like that too; however, you should know that the number of people in a picture or those that have been tagged is not important. All these individuals who have a huge social following and a huge audience also experience loneliness and at times are not even close to any of those individuals at all.

  1. The Best family (But an agitation that it’s all a façade )

Quite a number of us always contrast our families to others’ especially the superstars’, or that secondary school pal who seems to have a perfect marriage. You should, however, know that each family has its own challenges even those that you’re admiring. Their social media life is very different from their personal life and there is a lot of comparisons. Their life is not fully perfect as it may seem. Therefore the agitation of being the opposite of what they depict must weigh intensely on them.

  1. Popularity and Disrepute( But no privacy)

There are consequences that fame brings. Maybe you would like to be a well-known actor or singer since you admire the life of superstars and think that they are living a happy life but in real life, they lack privacy and individual’s space.  Just envision having to move around with a bodyguard who always needs to be alert and protect you from crazy fans and paparazzi.  It may look easy and fun for quite some time but always being in the public eye such that you can’t be comfortable doing you and always have to Impress like watching whatever you say or even wearing a make-up doesn’t lead to a happy way of life.

  1. Being Able to Tour the World (But nowhere to call home).

Visiting diverse nations is always interesting. It’s normal to feel bad when you see people traveling while you just there seated. You should, however, realize that those individuals who travel a lot always can at times wish they were at times grounded. When traveling for work they can feel tired and when just traveling for fun they will always feel the need to make more money to visit more countries.  It is therefore important to have somewhere you can call home rather than just moving up and about.