Trapped Souls

trapped souls

There is a place that some know as the in between where the soul stays when they pass on to the new life. They do not have the business done in the earth that they need to do and so they are not able to go out into their body and into the spirit yet.

This situation can happen when someone has died and then were revived, or someone has an out of body experience. When this happens, the body becomes trapped in the space between the spirit world and the physical world. The place is where the soul can enter into another person’s body.

This is where people walk into another soul and the soul is pushed out of their body and they are forced to be in this space in between. If the other soul walks in or steps into another body, they can control that body fully.

This is something that doesn’t happen very often but there is sometimes where one soul is stronger and will choose to stay in their body and they will fight for it.

It is important to remember that souls are energies and they use the body to be able to move and do what they need to do.

When a soul walks into someone else’s body, they take in the memories and the personality of their own. This can cause the people that are with this person to think that they have amnesia or that they are demon possessed because the other soul that belongs to the body is out wondering and the new soul is there.

This can cause there to be a fight between the souls because they are both fighting for the same body and this can cause the person to have signs of sicknesses or health problems such as passing out or being weak.

This is not something that happens very much, but it is important that someone that is astral projecting or doing dream travelling does not lose their way back to their body. When this happens, they take a chance of being stuck in the in between and they might have another soul try to take over their body while they are wondering back and forth.

If another person dies when this happens and the other soul is walking around, it might walk into the body and the other soul cannot come back. Some believe that the other soul that enters might be able to remember some of their memories form the past person that they have been in their body and some of the souls will fight so that they can finish their earth walk.

When a person has done a walk in and comes back changed, they might remember seeing light or becoming confused about what happened. In Native American and Shaman cultures, there are rituals that can be done so that the right soul can get back to the body.

A walk in has free will and they can eventually go back to their own body when they choose to.

When a family member or loved one has a walk in happen to them, they will not act the same as they used to and they might remember things that have never happened to them before or that they have never learned like how to play the piano or how to swim. They might also have different fears that they never had before like fear of spiders or other things.

Make sure that you do not have unfinished business on earth and that you are always ready to show thankfulness and love to those around you. Meditate and live a life that is full of goodness and happiness.

Souls will always be around you and it might be necessary for them to feel that they have to do a walk in to another body. Psychics can help you to know if this has happened and help to make you aware of what is going on if this happens to you or a loved one.