Understand 5 Signs Signaling Help from the Spirit World

Understand 5 Signs Signaling Help from the Spirit World

There are times in your life that you long for divine help. You may be at a crossroads and don’t know which way to go. It could be a confusing time. Don’t worry. You may be getting some heavenly guidance and not even realize it.

Here are five signs those in the spirit world are working to help you in your life:

  1. There are electrical or electronic problems.

The spirit realm is set in the air and through airwaves because it is at a higher vibration than those on earth. This means the spirit realm will use all types of things, including electronic devices like computers, cell phones, to get a message to you. It will also use conventional things like televisions, radios, and even house lighting to communicate with you.

It doesn’t mean the electrical current goes bonkers all the time. This could mean a special song will come on the radio or someone will say something on television that is the same thing a deceased loved one said in the past.

  1. The temperature changes suddenly.

You are in a warm room and suddenly it turns cold. It could be that you suddenly get chills when talking with a person. When this happens, the spirit world is trying to tell you something. They are protecting you and looking after your best interest. The best way to discern this event is how it makes you feel. Do you suddenly become suspicious or feel the need to getaway? Or do you feel comfortable and loved? Your feelings will determine the meaning of this event.

  1. Repetitive sequences keep appearing.

You see a series of numbers everywhere. They are in addresses, in phone numbers, on your grocery store receipt, and in time when you look at a clock. The most famous of these is the 11:11 sequence which many said they kept seeing a few years back, although no one figured out what it meant.

Author and speaker Doreen Virtue said these types of manifestations are angelic messages. You will need to research the repetition to discover the exact message.

  1. You notice a familiar fragrance.

Every time I smell roses or gardenias, I think my mother is watching me. It happens a lot when I first pull into our driveway but I rationalized because we do have rose and gardenia plants. The real unique feature is if I get a whiff of it when I’m not around any plants.

Many times, these smells are meant for us to stop and smell the roses so to speak. Those in the spirit world want us to slow down and take a moment to enjoy the present.

  1. Animals act strangely.

Animals are tuned into higher vibrations and will often exhibit odd or aggressive behavior when there is a spirit presence nearby. They can sense things when it is invisible to us. They could wag their tails at a familiar presence or cower if there is a bad one.

Your spirit guides may be trying to communicate with you. Determine if this is what the problem is. If there seems to be a negative presence or if you just want to clear the room’s energy, sage it. Your pets and spirit guides will feel better.

Remember, miracles don’t have to be big events to be a miracle. Miracles can come in smaller varieties as well. For instance, a pet taking away a child’s toy could be an annoyance, until you discover a small piece on the toy the child was about to put in his mouth. Getting chronically delayed for work can be a real issue until you see there is a wreck just ahead of that you would have surely been in if you were on time.

The best advice is to allow for the spirit world to guide you. Pray daily and ask for protection for your spirit and your soul. You can’t be attacked if you are living in love and gratitude. Our spiritual helpers are always near us to keep us on a path of love and hope.