Understanding the 12 Full Moons

12 Full Moons

There are different full moons and each of them have a different meaning. The full moon is something that is mysterious and exciting for people of all cultures. People love the full moon, and it is found in books, movies, songs and more. The moon will shift from the new moon to the full moon. This is how you will see the entire face of the moon each month.

The full moon has more to offer than just being beautiful. It is something that lets farmers know when they need to plant crops and to harvest and it also tells people about spiritual things and how to grow and how to better themselves.

Wolf Moon

This moon comes in January and is the beginning of the time between winter and springtime. The weather is still cold and most of the leaves are missing. This is the time when wildlife comes out of hibernation.

During this time, animals will come out and they will be excited that the weather is changing. The Wolf moon is called this because the wolves start to come out and the symbol of the moon says to be ready for what the new year has for you.

Snow Moon

The snow moon is a February moon. This is a time where there are challenges that show up. It is a time where the weather makes it hard to harvest but it won’t be long until spring comes. As you work through your struggles, you will see that this moon can mean hope and warmer months in the coming days.

Worm Moon

The March moon or the Worm moon is one that comes when the worms start to come out of the ice. The winter starts to melt away and this can mean that new life is about to come. It also means that there will be growth in nature. The symbol of this moon comes from tribes that are connected with the seasons.

The worms come out during this time, but so do flowers and the days are longer. This is a time to set goals and to be positive. Write down any life plans you have.

Pink Moon

The Pink moon is found in April. This full moon is given the name because it is a time where pink flowers start to bloom. The Native American tribes will celebrate the baby animals that are born during this time and the time of spring approaching.

The Pink moon can mean rebirth and can mean that the living things on the earth are all coming into bloom. Look at the lessons that you have learned about who you are and benefit from them.

Flower Moon

The May Flower moon is one that comes out when the days begin to get warmer. This is a time where the flowers come out and where the world becomes filled with delicious smells. It is a time of encouragement and blessings.

The universe is giving this moon as a gift, and it is a time of change and good weather approaching.

Strawberry Moon

The June moon is the Strawberry moon. This moon is named this because this is a time to start harvesting the strawberry fields. This will be the time that they are the ripest and the sweetest than any other time.

This moon is a sign that you should be excited about the warmer weather. This moon can mean that it is time to make connections with the land and with the energies around you. The world will be there to help you connect and it is a time to reach out to friends and family members that you haven’t talked to for a while.

Buck Moon

The Buck moon happens in July. This is a time that the young deer are born, and they start to get antlers. The antlers can mean that the male deer are strong, and this moon means that you should be strong.

This moon has masculine energies, and it can help you to see reality and progress in life.

Sturgeon Moon

The August moon or the Sturgeon moon is one where the fish are plentiful. This is a Native American name because it is a time where the Sturgeon are most prominent. This kind of moon is full of compassion, and it is a time to think about the people in your life that can help you in the future.

Harvest Moon

The Harvest moon happens in September and is a time where harvesting should take place. This is the most important month of harvesting, and the moon is brighter than the other moons. It is a moon where you should think about forgiveness and loving others.

When this moon comes, you need to do better in your life, and you will be thankful for the changes in your future. This will make you stronger in your relationships.

Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter’s moon that happens in August is one where harvesting is intense. The moon will be a full moon that is bright and that helps hunters to be able to catch their prey. This moon can help people with their emotions, and it is a time to question the relationships that you are in.

Beaver Moon

The Beaver moon happens in November. This is a time when the beavers start to build their dams. The Native American’s saw this as a symbol of strength and resilience. It is during this time that you should remember how strong you are and think of your inner peace.

Cold Moon

The December Cold moon is a moon that shows that winter is on its way. This will be a colder month and it can be a symbol of reaching and all the things that you were able to do in the other months before this one.

The Cold moon should inspire you to live a good life and to have fun this month. It is a sign that you have accomplished many things.

Final Thoughts

Each 29 and a half days there will be a time to stop and manifest things that are going on in your life. You should look at your feelings and you should pay attention to the energy of the full moon. This is a time to dig deep into your life and to think upon your year and the months before. Figure out what the moon means to you and embrace the spiritual and physical aspects of it. Encourage yourself with growth and prosperity.