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Spiritual World

Being a medium is something that has been around for years and years. Even though it has been around for many centuries, there is more awareness now about what a medium is than ever before.

Mediums have been around since even the 1800’s and they have always been there to communicate with the spirit world. They are more popular now than ever before. Mediums go through many cultures and centuries and are linked to the spirit world.

Understanding Psychic Mediums

A psychic medium is a person that is a psychic, and they are able to read the energies around them, but they are also able to pick up things in the spirit world. They are more sensitive to the energies around them than regular psychics. They are able to get information in different ways.

Many mediums have the clair gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance or even clairsentience. They are able to understand death more and they know that there is a difference between the physical and spiritual bodies. A medium can connect with those that have passed on to the other side and they can help to get messages to people on earth.

A client might see a medium so that they can get closure and so that they can tell their dead relative or friend that they love them. If you want to understand mediums more, you can talk to one and you can learn to understand exactly what they do.

What Do Mediums Do?

Most of the time before a medium starts, they will ask light and love to come to them. They will talk to the universe and see if there are any spirits around that want to connect with them. They will do this before they even start the reading.

Some mediums will ask you to keep a picture of your dead relative or friend close to you so that there can be a stronger connection. They will ask you to hold the picture and to think of the person that you want to communicate with. They will meditate and they will be silent until they are able to make the connection they need to make.

Sometimes one of the deceased loved ones will be waiting on the other side to talk to you just like you want to talk to them. They might speak through your medium before the reading even starts to let them know that they are there.

It is important to get a mediumship reading with an open mind. You need to let whatever information comes to come through and not try to fight it or to be closed minded. This information can be intense and sometimes it is sensitive, especially if it was someone that was important to you.

Sometimes a deceased loved one or friend will tell the medium their name and some will just say something that you will know. The messages that they give you will be full of love, and they will bring comfort to your life.

Mediums will act as a physical being between you and the spirit world. Some will use their bodies to communicate so that you can get messages in a human form while others will communicate through visions or what they feel.

Seeing Ghosts

Mediums can sometimes see people that have died but sometimes they see just a light or a shadow. The images that they see will differ depending on how the spirit chooses to come and what kind of reading the medium does. This can be a person or an animal spirit.

What Happens During a Reading?

It is important to have an idea what will happen during a mediumship reading so that you don’t get nervous or scared. The medium will build a bridge between you and the spirit you are trying to reach. This can be an experience that you have longed for. There can be communication that your medium gets form your loved ones or you might have dreams of your loved one later.

The vibrations that you have, and the vibrations of the spirit have to match in order for there to be communication. You will need to let your medium try and raise your vibrations. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn’t. It is all up to timing and what is going on in the earth and in the spirit world.

Most of the time something will come through and usually it will be some kind of message that your loved one wants to get to you. It might be about how your loved one is doing sine they passed away, something about forgiveness or something to bring closure. Some messages can even be warnings if needed.

You have to be open in order to really get the message that you want and to be able to communicate with the spirit world. If you need guidance, your medium can talk to your guides and give you a message but even strangers can meditate and reach into the spirit world. You can meditate on your own and ask your spirit guides to communicate with you.

Is Mediumship Real?

Many wonder if mediumship is real and people often prove that their giftings are real. There are countless books written about experiences with reaching the spiritual world. There are many psychic mediums that are known for their gifts, and they are popular, even now. Some of these include:

  • George Anderson.
  • Kim Russo.
  • Theresa Caputo.
  • Colette Baron Reid.

Where Are Your Loved Ones?

Many believe that you can get messages from your loved ones or friends that have passed to the other side. This can give you a message that can be loving and helpful for you. If you need to find closure, a good medium can help to change your life and bring comfort to your life through your loved ones.

Death is not the end of your life and if you want to connect with a psychic medium, you can do that now. Find out what kind of messages that your psychic medium can help you to get.


  1. The discussion on how mediums see spirits in various forms, like lights or shadows, adds an interesting layer to the understanding of mediumship. It’s intriguing to think about the different ways spirits might choose to appear.

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  3. This article provides a comprehensive understanding of what mediums do and their significance across various cultures and centuries. It’s fascinating how mediums can bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual world, offering comfort and closure to those seeking to connect with their deceased loved ones. The detailed explanation of the process and the well-known psychic mediums mentioned give credibility to the subject matter. Truly enlightening!

  4. The article provides a comprehensive overview of what mediums do and how they operate. It is interesting to see how the roles of mediums have evolved over centuries and the different ways they connect with the spirit world.

  5. This article does a good job of setting expectations for what might occur during a mediumship reading. It’s useful to know that keeping an open mind and having personal artifacts can enhance the experience.

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