How to Develop Your Mediumship Gift

Mediumship Gift

People get super excited about the spiritual world, especially in the month of October. This happens because it is when Halloween happens, and the nights are longer. There are other reasons that this season is one that makes people excited about the spiritual world.

What Is Mediumship?

Understanding a psychic medium is important if you are going to get a reading. You need to make sure that you find a psychic that is honest and true. You would never want to leave your energy open to anyone. It is important that you find what a trusted psychic is like and that you find ones that will lead you in a successful reading. Listen to the medium that you choose and learn to be patient and understanding.

Becoming a Stronger Medium

Once you want to be a medium, there are things that you can do to improve your gifts. You need to make sure that you are doing easy exercises to make your gifts stronger. One of the exercises that you can do is to learn and understand the different kinds of energies around you.

Learn to interact with the energies and learn to be quiet and to meditate. Take time to sit alone and see what you are hearing in your own body.

Pendulum Tool

Don’t let things around you distract you. Turn off your phone and go to a place that is quiet and relaxing. Take some paper with you and something to write with. You can even take a pendulum and draw a circle. Put the pendulum in the circle.

You can use an actual pendulum, or you can find a necklace with a charm if you don’t have one. Drape the chain over the first finger and then hold the rest of the chain still. This can allow you to stop your mind from moving the pendulum and making your answers false.

Creating a Sacred Circle

You can stand in the center of a room and create an imaginary circle around you. Put salt in eight places in the circle, some in the north, some in the south, some in the west and some in the east. You can then stand in the middle of this circle.

Declare what you want to do in the space and ask the guides to make it a protected space. This is your space and nothing that isn’t invited into the space can come in.

Align Your Answers with the Pendulum

You need to figure out what kind of energy your pendulum has before you start. Hold the pendulum over the paper and ask a question that you know the answer to. See how the pendulum swings. If it goes back and forth with the right answer, then you will know if that is a yes or no answer.

Do this by asking different questions until you know each direction that your pendulum will go. This will help you to communicate your answers with your tools.

Connecting with Energies

Now you need to start asking specific questions. When you do this, you will connect with the energy of whatever you are trying to reach. If you want to talk to someone that has died, you can connect with that energy. Ask questions and see if the questions are yes or no questions.

You can connect with the spirit world and then you will be able to communicate with spirits. The spirits can even move your pendulum to give you answers that you are looking for. Write down all the information that you are given and see if it lines up with the answers you got at the beginning.

Once you are finished, thank the spirits for showing up and for giving you answers. You are the one in charge of your circle, make sure you are clear and firm and that you close down the circle when you are done.

Dreams and Visions

Some people will have dreams after they do a circle pendulum reading. The dreams might come to you for a few days after you reached into the spirit world. These dreams might be wild and crazy but that is okay.

There are different energies that probably want to connect with you and when you open up the spirit world this can happen. Let your energies be balanced and make sure that you are in control of the energies coming to you.

Psychic mediums work for a long time to get where they are. You have to work hard if you want to have the energies that other mediums do. This isn’t something that happens right away, and you need to make sure that you are patient. Study and be patient and confident.

Find other psychics that you can talk to and if you want to connect with a psychic medium, do it. Ask them for advice and to help lead you in the right direction for your gifting.


  1. This article is a truly enlightening read for anyone interested in mediumship. The detailed steps on how to utilize a pendulum and create a sacred circle are not just practical but also deeply insightful. It’s refreshing to see such a thoughtful and holistic approach to connecting with the spiritual world. Definitely a must-read for aspiring mediums!

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