Understanding Your Birthday Number

Birthday Number

Numerology is a big thing, and it works not only with numbers but also with the elements and the energies of the world all around. Numbers change your life and as you use your birth number to live, you can see that the universe knows you. Psychics can help you to understand your birth number when you call to get a reading.

It is easy to find your birth number and you can do this by adding the date of your birth together and then simplifying it. If you were born on January 18, 2001, you would add 1+1+8+2+0+0+1=13 and then simplify it by adding 1+3=4 and that is your birth number.

Once you get your birth number, you can look at the places in your home and business and the special people that you have met that might have the same number that you have. You can see that your birth number can also correlate with locations and with other people and the energies of these things can make your life better.

Once you know more about yourself such as your birth number, you can see that the talents and the skills that you have since birth have helped you to live your best life. The destiny and the heart desire number are also there to help you to understand how things in the world influence you. Numerology is a basic thing, but it can become more advanced as you learn. Tarot cards, Kabbalah, astrology, and other things work with numerology to help people to understand their life path.

What Does Your Birth Number Mean?

Here are some meanings of different birth numbers:

  • Number 1

This can mean that you are a warrior and that you strive to do good. You are someone that isn’t fearful, and you do what is needed and you take care of what other people want. You have strong energies, and you are excited like a child. You approach each day like it is going to bring you something good and you have wisdom and courage to try new things.

  • Number 2

This number can mean that you will make the perfect partner with someone. You have qualities that people see as beautiful and you are powerful and strong. You get with people and the two of you together become one because you know that you need to communicate and to express yourself openly. You have trust and commitment with each other.

  • Number 3

The number 3 can mean that you are harmonious and that you are one with nature. It can mean that you believe in the universe and that the universe is something perfect. You express yourself openly and you believe in the spiritual realm and in magic. You love synchronicities and you trust the timing of the universe.

  • Number 4

This is a number that shows that you have talents on building things in the physical world. You are a great architect, and you see things as reality. You want to see things built and you are strong financially, spiritually, and socially.

  • Number 5

The number 5 is one that is a teacher. This means that you take the talents that you have, and you are creative and able to express yourself. You are able to see things that other people cannot see in you.

  • Number 6

This is a number that shows love and serving others. You let go of your ego and you enjoy letting other people into your life even if they are needy. You will do what it takes to serve others and to help them have joy.

  • Number 7

This is a number that is brave, and you are willing to try new things because you have courage. You do get fearful sometimes but instead of hiding it, you face it, and you see both sides of things and you go on the right path to bring you peace and joy.

  • Number 8

This is a creative number. This number shows that you are a great leader and that you have new ideas. This is a lucky number to the Chinese and shows real power.

  • Number 9

The number 9 is an integrated teacher. You have so much talent and skill and you are full of knowledge. You reach your life path while you open yourself up to new things and new wisdom.

Final Thoughts

As you learn to embrace your talents and to open yourself up to new understandings, learn about your numerological numbers such as your life path number and your birth number. See what new and exciting things you can learn about yourself along your journey.