Seeing an Eagle


Eagles are animals that are powerful and very smart. It is rare to spot an animal like this outside of a zoo or in a habit. This animal represents freedom and is a majestic bird that has a deep meaning for your spiritual life.


Eagles are birds of prey, and they are raptors. This means that the eagle is able to hunt animals that are larger, even up to their own size. The eagle is able to hunt because it can fly well and because it is able to use its strong beat to fight off animals and to get food.

There are different kinds of eagles including the golden eagle and the bald eagle. The bird of the United States is even the bald eagle.

Spiritual Side of the Eagle

Some cultures such as the Native American tribes see the eagle as the king in the sky. They see that the eagle will go from flying to walking on the ground. The eagle is powerful and can fly over the clouds and is able to move slowly and quickly with grace.

The eagle uses the wind for its advantage, and it will use its strength and courage to be able to deal with changes in its life. It is a courageous animal that is able to reach out for freedom and not to be limited by things around it. The eagle isn’t afraid to challenge the world around it and it will change when it needs to so that it doesn’t become the prey.

Spiritual Messages

An eagle can come to you as a spiritual messenger so that you can get a message that you need in your life. The eagle can affirm things in your life if you are asking for something specific. The eagle can confirm that you are important and can show you that you can get the guidance that you need to connect with the spiritual world or to change if need be.

No Fear

An eagle that wants to connect with you is going to deliver you a message. The eagle can give you a message that you are strong and that you have no fear. Eagles are alert and they can move whenever they need to. They can spread their wings and they can fly to the sky and see things from a different perspective. The eagle has good qualities that allow it to be able to change.

Spiritual Animals

Eagles have a meaning, and they are there to give you a spiritual message. They are full of symbolism and are found in history, mythology and more.

Dreaming of an Eagle

Dreaming of an eagle can mean that you are going to get a message from the spiritual world. They are able to connect with the animal and to see the behaviors that are similar in their life. Dreaming of this animal can mean that you need to figure out what you want in your life and own up to it.

Eagles and Culture

Eagles are full of courage, and they are able to focus and be determined. They are strong and they are important to people around them. They are seen on flags and in decorations and in the United States they are considered a symbol of freedom. They also are known throughout history such as in Rome, Greece, Babylon and more. They were symbolic of freedom and spiritual things.

The Native American tribes will often wear headwear that is made of the feathers of eagles. The eagle feathers are considered valuable and were worn by the chief and the warriors that are important. They are also used by the shamans who were healers.

Some cultures see the eagle as being associated with the sun and one eagle is the Phoenix which is a Persian sun god. The phoenix is an eagle just like the Scorpio sign is a scorpion. Some cultures have stories that connect eagles to the water, and this is part of one of the elements that are spiritual including water, fire, earth, and air. This can mean having a balanced life.

The eagle has strong energy, and it is masculine energy. There are feminine powers in the eagle as well and the traditions show that the energies of the eagle go between the sky and the earth, and this can be day or night.

Norse mythology shows the eagle on top of the Yggdrasil which is a world tree, and the squirrel carries messages between the eagle and the serpent dragon that lives at the bottom of the tree. Seeing an eagle can mean that you need to get on top of things in your life and that you need to be open to new things that might come to you.

Balanced Life

Seeing an eagle can mean that you need to balance your life. It can mean that you are in need of looking deep inside of yourself and to listen to what your spirit is trying to tell you. Remember, the eagle can show you that you are never alone, and you are always being guided.