Using Clair Senses as a Psychic

Using Clair Senses as a Psychic

Psychics have different clair gifts and these help them to be able to reach into the spiritual world. Some have clairaudience, which means clear hearing, some have clairsentience, which means clear feeling, some have clairvoyance, which means clear knowing and others have different clair gifts. These gifts allow the psychics to do their spiritual work.

What Psychics Do

A psychic gets information from the spiritual world and this information allows them to tell people about their past, present and future. The questions that they get asked to have to have answers from somewhere and when a psychic is doing a reading, they use the clair gifts to read the energies that people have.

The clair gifts are there and they are part of the spiritual senses. Just as we have physical senses of hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling, the clair gifts are the same in the spiritual world. The psychic uses these to give readings to people about their future or to help them understand their past.

The psychic can get answers through the gifts that they have. Even though everyone has intuition, some people are better at using this than others. When a person gets a reading, they can understand themselves more through these gifts.


Clairvoyance or clear seeing is the gift that most psychics use. This is a gift that allows them to see pictures or symbols in order to answer questions. The way that a person thinks allows them to see things in their mind. If you are a psychic, chances are that you are able to get visions or symbols that show up into your mind. It is up to the psychic to interpret these messages.

A psychic that is good at their gifting will even be able to read auras of others. They might even be able to tell what a person is thinking and what they want in their lives before they even ask a question.


Clear hearing or clairaudience is one of the gifts that psychics use. This is a way that a psychic can talk to someone that has died or passed on to another life. The psychic can hear the spirit talking to them or they can hear their guides leading them.

Once a psychic learns this gift, they will learn how to determine if the voice they are hearing is from the spirit world or not. They will be able to do readings and they will be able to share information with people that have lost loved ones and needs answers.

This is a way that a psychic can communicate with the spiritual world, and they can have direct contact. The information that they get can help others to be able to move on and have less grief.


When a psychic uses clairsentience or clear feeling, they are using their emotions and their feelings to know what a person is feeling. They can pick up the emotions that other people have by just walking into a room.

Sometimes a person that is clairsentient is someone that is called an empath. Empaths are able to know what someone is thinking or feeling just by walking by them or by looking at them. These feelings that an empath have can be uncomfortable sometimes. They might feel overwhelmed and tired when they are out in crowds or when they are with emotional people.


Some psychics will have clair gifts, but all psychics will have intuition. When a psychic uses intuition, it means that they trust the information that comes to them, and they learn to listen and trust themselves.

Using intuition can be a gut feeling but it can also be a guide or a spirit that is giving direction and leading the person in the right direction. Intuition gives information that no one has shown them, and it is all from the inner self.